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A short story, in which the protagonist writes a narrative of their experience in dealing with an entity that seems to follow them. They struggle with having to hide this from their loved ones and the entity grows stronger the more they distance themself. Is this thing only in their mind? If it is, does that make it any less horrifying?

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

I see something.

It's always lurking in the corner of my vision, like a mirage. A little glimpse, of something scurrying away before I can catch it. I know it's there, I do. Nobody else seems to notice. Guess it's nothing to worry about, a trick of the light, so to say. It just bothers me a little, never being able to see. Like an annoying itch, I'm aware of it. I could ignore it if I tried hard enough. Things get bad only at night when there's nothing else to distract me from that something, that thing. It's more real then. A shuffle, a quick shadow. It's probably nothing to worry about, I'm thinking too much again. My friends say it's because of the kind of movies I keep watching. Perhaps that is it, all in my mind. I'll just keep on ignoring it, it'll go away.

There are days it inches closer to me. This thing...makes me uncomfortable, and a bit curious. Sometimes it doesn't run away. Rather, it just stands there, in a corner I can barely see, but it stays. Whenever I turn to look, it retreats. I've stopped turning towards it now. I doubt it's my imagination, now I know it's there. When I brought this up with my friends again, they seemed a little annoyed. Some suggested I take a day off. Maybe I'll do that. Go somewhere, shopping perhaps. It doesn't follow me there. If it does, I haven't noticed.

I'm taking a day off today. But rather than go out shopping or something, I stayed inside. Just for today. The bed was comforting, at first. As the day is rolling past me, my unease grows. I know it is somewhere. Hiding. Watching me. I don't know what it wants, but it's nothing good. I know it is hiding behind my door, sometimes in my closet, in my bath. One of my friends called at some point. I didn't mention it this time. What is the point? She wouldn't believe me and I don't want to be misunderstood. If I can just make it stay away from me, it'll have to leave me alone eventually.

Worse. It just gets worse. It's there, I can see it. It' there against the door, looking at me with those strange, vacant eyes. How ugly! Wicked! Demented! It wants something from me. I don't know what! It just doesn't go away anymore, even if I go out, it follows me. It follows me everywhere. Nobody else seems to notice it, how can people not notice it? Maybe it's really not there? But it feels real! I can see it all the time! I hate it, I hate it so much.

It hurt me! I woke up today with scratches on my arms and legs! This hurts so much, and I'm bleeding. Antiseptic. I need to fix this. I need help, what do I do? I do not want to burden my friends with this, it's under control. I think. I can do this by myself. This is all its fault! I want it to die! It wants to harm me more, dig into my skin with claws sharp as a knife and laugh while I miserably try to stop the bleeding. I can't go out anymore, it's always so close to me. I'm angry, and I don't know what to do anymore! My friends won't believe me if I tell them. Or worse, they will think I am insane. I don't want them to hate me, but God this hurts so much! This thing will never leave me alone. I'm scared.

I will kill it. Such a simple solution and all this time I didn't see this. What an idiot I am! Of course, it dies and I can be free finally! I'm a little hesitant as killing someone just seems brutal and violent. But it's not murder, I don't think? It's a thing after all. Nobody will know or care for that matter. It's so close that with a sharp enough knife, and some willpower, I can get rid of it. Hah! Simple! Just waiting for the right moment now.

I've done it! The knife cut through it no problem. I'm shaking a little, but it's dying! Finally! The end! All the pain, all these days of endless torment, fear, the paranoia, gone forever! It's dying now. I think I'm crying a little. Is it from the relief? My heart feels light. I chuckle weakly. As it bleeds out, I'll just rest here on the floor for a while and sleep.


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