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james and Rose are trying to find her mom and dad in zombie Hollywood, but mr. Chad is trying to hunt them down cause james did something what mr. Chad calls it as, "awful", so follow our protags as they try to escape from Hollywood and live to see another day.

Thriller / Fantasy
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Chapter 0

"uhh, mr. Chad, but are you sure that this plan is going to work?" the actor asked mr. Chad. mr. chad took a sip out of his wine and spoke. "of course! why wouldn't it?" he laughed very loudly while slapping a hand onto the actor. the actor tried to giggle with mr. Chad but all that came out was a "heh." mr. Chad got up from his leather chair and walked to the movie set. "y'know.." mr. Chad said, making the actor jump. mr. chad turned the movie set and it had a wall of TV set around Hollywood. one was one a man walking in a abandon walk of fame. "i hate that guy with a burning passion, you get what i'm saying?" the actor just nodded his head and gulped. "let's kill em." mr. Chad said. smiling from ear to ear.
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