A hollywood story

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chapter 1

James walked down the walk of fame. his sunglasses covering his eyes and his short, black hair blowing in the soft wind. he didn't truly know where he was going, just going for a walk he guess. he took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. when he opened them however, a small girl showed up right in front of him. James screamed, but only for a second. "ello sir!" the young girl said. james looked to the side, and looked at her again. James cleared his throat and spoke, "where is your mom and dad at kid? you really shouldn't be here." he said, standing like a tower over the girl. "i dunno! i can't find them sir! can you help me please?" the girl asked. James thought about it, he never liked children, but this girl seemed sad enough for him to pity her. he sighed, "fine." the girl's face lit up and James could tell that she was trying to keep clam. "thank you thank you!" the girl said. "my name's Rose, what about you?" she asked, "James." James said in a very annoyed tone. "okay mr. James! let's goooo!" Rose echoed while running down the walk of fame. James thought about it, but went down the walk to her. thinking that this was going to be the worst choise in his life.

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