A hollywood story

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chapter 2

James and Rose had been walking for a while now. Rose was panting and wheezing, and was pulling her shirt in and out to fan herself. James looked at her out of the corner of his eye, feeling sort of bad for her. but it was only for a second. after a while of walking James was fed up so he turned around and asked, "are you alright kid?" Rose put her index finger up to tell him to wait. after what felt like forever, she spoke. "can we get some water please mr. James?" James didn't know what to do. he hadn't seen any sort of water anywhere. James was starting to regret his choise. he didn't want to deal with this kid. so he sighed and looked around. he saw a abandon snow cone stand. there were grass and vines growing on it and the normally bright colors, were dull. Rose saw the stand as well and looked back to James. she looked at him as if to say please. James groaned. "fine. whatever, just, don't get to hyper." James said. Rose looked very thankful. "thank you mr. James!" Rose said. "it's, whatever, just go ahead." James said. they walked over to the stand and looked over into the stand. they saw a high heel, and some melted snow cones that had clearly been there for some days now. Rose looked like a child on christmas. she grabbed the high heel and one of the snow cones. she fan away the flies and started to drink the melted snow cone. James looked grossed out. "um, are, are you sure you want that?" he asked. "i do mr. James!" James wondered why this child couldn't waited till they found something else. after what felt like forever, Rose spoke. "thank you for helping me find my mommy and daddy." James didn't know what to say. he couldn't say that they're somewhere. they could be dead for all he knows! "uh, you're welcome." James said. he kind of felt a feeling he never felt around children. like, a feeling that he needed to protect this child with all of his being. but he shock it off. no, he had to be strong and tough. but, he started to like this child. and he didn't know what to do with himself.

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