The Graduates

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How far would you go to graduate high school? For four students at Comperi Prep, the answer is too far. When Laura Diaz learns she's not going to graduate because her Criminology teacher acts like a tyrant, she's devastated. She's about to lose her entire future, including a full-ride scholarship to Yale. She's not the only one being held back. Mr. Young is failing three other students: the charming Jacob Scott, Terry Hayes, and Amelia Stewart. Rather than watch their futures crumble, the four students hatch a plan: they'll kidnap their teacher and blackmail him into letting them all graduate. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. What started out as a simple kidnapping twists into something much darker. When this is over, they might be graduates, but they could also be murderers.

Thriller / Drama
Age Rating:


If you happen to find this book, please burn it. Or tear it up into bits. Pour coffee on it. Feed it to your dog.

Whatever you do, I ask that you don't read this.
It might make you an accomplice to murder.
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