The twin: a short story

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The twin

The twins

I sit in front of the window looking out. A bus comes driving to the neighbour house. The man driving the bus goes out. He studies the house a second then climbs up the window. Out of the window he comes with to children. They are still sleeping. He put the children in the bus and drives to my house. He stares at me, then drives past my house.

I go to my phone, call the police. They say they are in the way, but when they come the man is gone. The bus with it. The police knock on the door til the neighbour. Just as expected his kids are gone.

The police search through the whole neighbourhood. All kids between zero and fifteen are gone. No one saw anything in the night, so I am all they have. They ask me what I saw and I explain as good as I can. They call the station and start a search for the kids.

I go out to get some food, but I find out that someone have stolen all the food. How is that even possible, I ask myself. I go home and go to bed hungry. Something is going on, and I think I know what.

When I wake up I am really annoyed. I am feeling for finding the one who stole the kids and my food. Luckily I think I know exactly where to find him.

As expected he is in a cave by the beach. I call the police and they take the man. I follow the kids home, than go home to myself to make some food. I have to be fast, because i’m gonna have to leave soon. The children in my basement that I don’t eat, someone is gonna find, so they are okay. Just so glad my twin brother is soon out of the way, forever, I think to myself. After I have eaten my meal I get the knife and go for hunt. This time my brother is on the list too.

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