Two wishes#1

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After Rose loses her sister she does abandoned and her parents send her.of to boarding school so she can become her old self

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

" I can't just go to boarding school now" Rose yells at her parents.

" Honey calm down ever since khloe left us you haven't been the same staying in your room won't change anything" her mom said on the verge of tears. " Your mother is right Rose listen to her.

" But-

"No buts how would you feel if your daughter dies and the second is slipping a way" my dad said.

That sent a blade to my heart I never know that was how my parents felt

" Dad I never knew they'd how u guys felt"

My voice almost cracks at the end.

"I'm sorry" I say in almost a whisper as tears run down my face.

" Honey stop crying your gonna meet new friends show of your talent and learn new things." My mom always brings out the bright side of things.

"What about you, " I said looking at every where but them.

"Don't worry I and ur mother will be okay"

My dad said reasurring me.

I give them a hug will the kiss my fore head

"I love u guys" I said

"We love you to" they chorus together.

After we are al done crying I tell them good night and head upstairs.

So many thoughts go through my head and the last was me wondering what will be happening if khloe was still around what we will be doing but sleep takes the best of me

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