Secrets: The Angels Of Death

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For 16-year-old werewolf, Juliet Santiago coming home to her brothers after 8 years was hard enough. Add the fact that she came from a family that operated under a secret werewolf organization called the Praetorian Gard, her brothers' strange behaviors, the food fights, colored hair, vandalized bedrooms and sexual tension caused by her rivalry with her brother's best friend who considers her untrustworthy and the bane of his existence, and things get more than a little complicated. What happens when a cult of serial killers, the Angels of Death, with a link to her past emerges?

Thriller / Romance
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Juliet's POV:


"Hey, where are you?"

I lean against the brick wall, watching the crowd of drunk humans dance under bright lights that hurt my eyes. No suspicious movement. Yet.

"Mexico.", I say pulling my hood up to cover my head and earpiece. I didn't need anyone seeing my face, bad things happen when people recognize me. Especially now.

I hear Jake sigh before his voice fills my ear, " Don't you think it's time you moved on, Juliet? It's been a year since your friend's body was found and you're going home in a month."

My hands tighten into fists at the mention of Heather. She wasn't my friend. Not anymore. Not after she fucked Hector. Multiple times. While I was dating him or whatever wild packs called that sort of thing.

But I had to find out who killed her. She deserved at least that much. I owed her that much. She was the reason I was accepted into the wild pack. The reason why I was a Legionary and the reason I could finally go home to Austin and Chris. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the picture of her deformed corpse appeared constantly in my nightmares.

I shake my head to clear my thoughts before uncurling my fists."I know, Jay. But-", I'm cut off when my eyes land on a crimson-colored cloak wearing figure carry an unconscious girl towards an alley.

"You've seen him, haven't you? Santiago, listen to me. Don't go after him alone. I've called for backup. Just wait-", I take my earpiece out and tuck it into my pocket. Jake didn't understand. Every second we spend waiting around, the further the asshole got.

The crowd around him continue to dance, completely ignoring the girl. Apparently, the Macarena was more important than a human life. I sigh at the naivety of humans before making my way across the crowd to the alley.

I make it to the entrance just as he turns a corner. He knows I saw him. His scent was definitely human but hers was more... supernatural. She was probably half-faerie. But that didn't match the pattern. Till now they'd only taken werewolves, only complete werewolves.

I dismiss my thoughts before scaling the wall and climbing onto the flat roof. I could see him ahead of me turning another a corner. I turn left and sprint towards the other end of the roof. The sound of feet hitting metal resonated throughout the neighborhood, thankfully the sounds of the party drowned out the noise.

I jump towards the next roof and quickly run off the momentum before turning right and swinging myself through the nearest window. The glass breaks easily and I land in a crouch. I thank the Gods that the entire neighborhood was out at the moment and quickly run toward a window on the opposite side of the room and drop down to the roof of a shorter building and I see the hooded figure turn another corner.

A smile spreads across my face. He would have nowhere else to go now. The corner he just turned only had two entrances; one he just used and the other was the only one he could use if he wanted to go forward. Lucky for me, it would completely trap him. The second corner ended in a cul-de-sac after a considerable length.

I jump and catch hold of the windowsill of an adjacent building before letting go and dropping down behind him. He turns around and I back him against the wall.

He was a short man, about 5 feet in height. His hood hid most of his face, except for the lower half. His mouth was set in a grim line of determination. His arms shook with tremors. It wasn't what I was expecting.

" Leave the girl.", I order him. He slowly places the girl on the ground and steps over her body before pulling out a silver knife in a pathetic attempt to defend himself." Step away, werewolf.", he snarls and takes a swipe at me.

I duck under his arm before grabbing it and twisting it behind his back, pinning him against the nearby wall. He whimpers in pain but it just fuels my anger. He was going to have her killed, just like Heather and those other girls.

I press him harder." Honestly, if you're going to go around murdering people, the least you could do is change your clothes once in a while. Now drop it before I break your arm in half.", I threaten him. He drops the knife and I kick it as far as possible not taking my eyes off of him.

I look at the girl from the corner of my eye and my heart skips a beat when I realize she isn't there. I hear the rustle of a cloak and I turn my head upwards. A figure stood there clad in the same red hooded cloak, carrying her in his arms. He sends me an arrogant smirk before running off.

A deadly silence fills the air as I finally realize that I had failed yet again. Another girl would die. The fourth girl in a span of one year. Another Heather. All because I could keep my anger in check long enough to keep her alive.

I refused to make that mistake twice and turn my eyes back to my prisoner. I pull his hood back to look at his face, not letting go of his twisted arm. He turns his face away in an attempt to hide his face.

I growl before turning him around. What I don't expect is for him to push me back, grab a vial from his cloak and empty the contents down his throat. I stare in shock as he falls onto his back, his eyes roll back in his head, and he whispers his last words.

"Angelis Vivat Mortis"

Long live the Angels of Death

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