this is not a dream

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This is not a dream

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FIRST Chapter Emile Green this is not a dream

Hey yo Emile, I need you to vibe with me on this one.

Check it

As I grab my pad and pen and begin to talk from within

Oh god my eyes they water like a preacher whos sinned

I'm only human but, the world has put me on a platform since the day

I was born to only wait for my downfall but like a brick wall

I'm too hard to break.

Okay I do make mistakes but I'm the realest from the fake.

Thats why I'm the hardest to hate.

People have to love those why they're

still awake sleep

And prepare a place for those who are good in the projects and hood

gifted or misunderstood

I know are still number one

there will be more of us to come.

I am a leader, teacher, a guider, like a single parent provider

puttin back those hiphop dividers like a priest with a back slider.

I sin but I win

And anyone we've lost in life in 9/11 we'll be sure to see again

What you hear is not a test I'm rockin to the beat see me

and my crew and my friends we're gonna try to fool the beat.

See I am Emile Green and I'd like to say hello to the black

to the white the red and the brown the purple and yellow

But first you gotta

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