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Yasmin was like every other teenage girl, the only thing different was that she was being held hostage. Once Yasmin's mother( an FBI) found out that she was kidnapped, she will do anything and everything in her power to get her kid back. Yasmin finds out the shocking truth of who her kidnapper is and fights to get out alive until something unexpected happens.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1


"No, I'm telling you! I saw it with my own eyes Danny!" I rolled my eyes at my best friend Theo. She was telling Danny (our GBF) that she saw a murder when she was a baby. I knew better than to believe her, she was always coming up with wild stories.
"Yea right girl, I ain't falling for yo stories today!" Danny joked, pinching her arm. She yelped and smacked his hand away. I watched them, smiling as our waiter came by.
"Is everything okay?" She asked us. I nodded since Danny and Theo were to busy yelling at each other. The waiter smiled and took my cup, going to refill it with iced tea. I looked over at the window and noticed a man in his late thirties just staring at me. I instantly got goosebumps and nudged my friends.
"Did y'all see that?" They followed my gaze and frowned.
"See what Yasmin?" I looked back over to where he was standing and saw that he had vanished.
"Weird. I swear, there was a man standing there, just watching me." Theo slapped her knee and laughed.
"Now who's the one making up stories?" I laughed along with them but I couldn't help but have a gut feeling that I wasn't safe.
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