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Chapter 2


I stared at the files on my desk, why in the hell were there so many? My boss came in and handed me another stack of files.

"What is all this?" I asked, after I was in the hospital, giving life to the newest member in our family, I didn't think right when I got back to work I would have all this.

"All the stuff that you were absent for."

"But...I thought someone else would handle all this so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed when I came back."

"I honestly don't care about how you feel. You are the one who decided you wanted another baby. And just because you questioned me, I will give you some more cases that you need to deal with." I closed my eyes and took deep breaths as he walked out of my office.

He is such a prick!

One of my best friends, and my partner came into my office and sat down on my plush purple couch that was in front of my desk.

"Woah, old Mr. Jerkhead give you that?" I laughed at the childish nickname, but it really went with his name. His actual name was Mr. Jighead but I kind of like Jerkhead more, it suits him.

"Yep, I'm stupid for thinking I would get a break while I was in the hospital."

"That's nothing. He was trying to send you some while you were in labor, what an ass." I rolled my eyes, that was so true.

"Yea, I know. I guess I better get to work then."

"Here, let me help you out." He picked up half of the files and tucked them under his arm.

"Really? Noah, you are a life savor, that's why I named my kid after you." Noah laughed and shook his head.

"I doubt it, stop sucking up and get to work." I laughed at my friend and sat down at my desk with a sigh.

This, is gonna take all day!

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