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Chapter 3


After I had walked my friends home, it was now seven-thirty and here in new Orleans it gets dark pretty fast. I froze when the hairs on my neck stood up, I felt like I was being watched. I spun around to see nobody. The streets were completely empty except for the few homeless people sitting on the sidewalk, but they weren't paying any attention to me. I continued waling, maybe I was just being paranoid from the diner today. I'm just being stupid,I'm fine. I will be fine...right? I couldn't help myself, I started to walk faster I started to sprint when I saw my house, the porch light on. Dad must be home. I froze when a black Prius came barreling from the corner, right at me.

I couldn't move, it was like my feet were planted to the floor. I tried to scream as the car got closer, but nothing came out. I knew the person driving had to see me, but they didn't stop. I heard one of the homeless men scream for me to move but I couldn't, I was stuck! The car was so close now that I could see the dead bugs on the headlights. I flew backwards as the car impacted my body. I felt unconscious but I could still here what was going on around me. It was weird, like an out of body experience. I felt pain radiate up my body, I could feel my blood starting to boil over with rage. How did this happen to me? I was just walking home one second and the next I had been hit my a car.

I felt like crying but I knew better. If I showed how weak I am, it can hurt me. So I did nothing, just lied there with my eyes closed. Floating and out of consciousness. I have to be tough. I am tough! I can get out of this.

I hope.

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