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Chapter 4


I was packing up some files to take home with me when my boss came in with a box of what looked like video tapes.

"What's that? More work?" I asked sarcastically, I swear to God, if it was!

"Uh sort of, I guess. I need you to watch these videos and tell me what you got out of it. There was some girl walking home about an hour ago and she got hit by a car and picked up. A citizen was outside and saw everything so he came to us and we checked out the cameras from the cafe nearby. I've watched some but don't know what to make out of it." He handed me the box and I sighed. I was never going to get to finish any of my stuff at home.

I grabbed my car keys and locked my badge in my desk. I sighed when I stepped outside as a rush of air hit my face. It was so warm with a nice breeze outside today in New Orleans. I got into my BMW and sped off towards home. It was already eight thirty and I wasn't home to make dinner. I pulled out my phone to call Johnny, my husband to tell him to just order something in. Like Chinese. He answered on the first ring and I could hear sirens in the background.

"Johnny? I'm on my way home. What's going on?"

"It's Yasmin." I felt my heart drop into my throat.

"Wh-what happened?"

"She never came home."

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