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Chapter 5


I woke up and tried to rub my head but my wrist was tied to something. I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on a hospital bed in a dark room. No windows. Just one single door. I heard footsteps and I closed my eyes, I'll pretend to be asleep so I can hear whatever they say. The door opened and I heard maybe about three people come in, maybe more.

"Huh, she's still asleep." I heard a raspy voice say. A bright light was turned on above me and I did my best not to clench my eyes.

"Yep, she sure is." Someone else said. I felt a hand on my wrist and I shuddered. But they didn't notice.

"I'm not surprised she is still knocked out. You hit her really hard." That voice sounded almost sweet. If I wasn't in this kind of situation I would want to be friends with whoever said that.

"I hit her as hard as I needed. I didn't want her getting up and running off."

"I get that but when the boss finds out she has some broken ribs because of you, he's not going to be happy. You know how much he loves her."

He loves me? What kind of sick place is this?

I peered my eyes open when I heard their chattering follow out the room. I looked around and grinned when I saw that the door was wide open. But remembered that my hands were still tied. I remembered something my mom had taught me, she was an FBI and she doesn't really trust the world so she told me what to do if I was ever in this situation. I looked around at the bed and saw that I was attached to some machines, probably because of the car accident. I took a deep breath and used my teeth to grab one of the needles out of my arm. I felt like screaming, it was so painful. But I knew better, if I wanted to get out of here alive, I had to be quiet.

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