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Chapter 6


I stared at my husband who was talking to a police officer, Officer Dillan. I walked over to them and gripped my husbands hands.

"Thank you officer." He was saying.

"No problem. Anything for Elena. I will get this to the sheriff and come back to whatever we find." He nodded his head at us and him and the rest of the police left me and my husband in silence.

"Johnny, what are we going to do? I can't go to sleep knowing Yasmin could be hurt." I said. He stood up and hugged me tight.

"We will find her. She can't be far." He whispered into my ear. We pulled apart when we heard the baby crying from upstairs.

"I'll do it. Go get a shower and some rest and tomorrow I will do everything in my power to find her." I said to him. He kissed me in between my eyebrows and headed upstairs while I heated up a bottle for Noah. I ran upstairs and grabbed Noah from his crib.

"Hey buddy, mama's here." I whispered to him. As I placed the warm milk in his mouth he closed his eyes and started to fall back asleep. I sat down on the old vintage rocking chair Yasmin bought me for the baby shower and rocked him slowly, keeping the bottle steady. I couldn't stop thinking about Yasmin, she was my only daughter and I loved her so very much. The thought of her being hurt somewhere scared the hell out of me. After the last drop from the bottle was gone, I placed Noah back in his crib and shut the door quietly. I tip-toed to my room where Johhny was already sleeping and changed into some shorts and a tank top, cuddling up next to him. He sighed and rolled over, draping an arm over me.

I closed my eyes but sleep didn't come, I waited for another ten minutes but still nothing. I wasn't going to be able to sleep until Yasmin was safely home.

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