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Chapter 8


I sipped my coffee as I put in a tape that had the number one on it into the DVD player. I sat down on the couch and rested my feet on the coffee table. I watched the streets and saw a few people come and go but nothing happened. I put in the second tape and watched as a young girl came into view. I sat up when I realized who it was. I could tell by her long brown curls, it's a mother's instinct.

"Yasmin." I whispered. I watched as she turned around then shook her head and kept going. The tape ended and I hurriedly put in the next one, a chill running through my spine. I gasped as a car came barreling towards her and didn't stop, knocking her onto the ground with such force.

"Oh my God!" I shouted. Three people in the car came out and stuck her in the trunk and the last tape ended. I checked the box and around the floor for another tape, there had to be one. It had to show the car driving away so I could see the drivers plate. But there wasn't another tape, that was it. I pulled out my phone and dialed a number.

"Elena? What is it?" His voice sounded groggy and husky, like I woke him up.

"I'm sorry to wake you. But it's an emergency." I could hear rustling and a ping sound of a belt buckle being fastened.

"I'm on my way. Stay where you are."

"Please hurry, Noah." I felt tears falling down my face. It's worse than I thought. Yasmin could be dead.

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