The Kidnapping of Angelina Jones

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16/1-17 Dear diary! It's been 2555 days since I got kidnapped and today is my seventeenth birthday. I have been kidnapped for 7 years, 7 years.. I wonder if my family still search for me, if they miss me or if they still have hope.. Please, I am here. Mommy, can you feel me? Feel that I am alive? Can you feel my cries? Can you hear my cries when he once again abuses me? Rapes me? Please, somebody, save me.. _______________________________________________________ I warn you, this is a story with strong language, kidnapping, rape, abuse.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1


You who have read my latest book on, know that I don’t have much time to write, and to be honest, I have lost some motivation on that story. The story is called The Legendary Mates, if you wanna read it. I can't write this story on dreame and I don't know thy.

Thats why I will write this story in the meantime, so that I will get some motivation again.

Please, tell me if anything is wrong with my book, like grammar or so.

Lots of love!!


Dear diary!

Tomorrow is my 10th birthday, I have longed for this day for so long! I finally get big! Sure I am youngest of my sibling but you know what I mean! Today I have been to school, not much happened. I spent time with Noah, we have been best friends since we were kids. I have girlfriends too, but they are only friends with me because I am richer than them, I hate them. Such fake girls. I know that as soon as I make a mistake, they will leave.

I have felt very observed today, I always to but not as much as I do today. Well, well.

We have a neighbor (no shit) Charlie, he lives next door. His family is the richest. He is only 20 years old, have graduated college and have taken over his dads company. Can you imagine? To take over a company at such a young age. He is always home when I am home. He is best friends with my oldest brother Adrian. They spend much time together. but enough talking about him. He is scary, always looks at me with a strange look. Now I'm gonna go to bed. I hope that fall asleep early.

Don’t worry diary, you will follow me to school as always.



I can’t sleep, I don’t know why...


Dear diary!

Today is my birthday! Can you imagine! I have longed for this day! I have given mon and dad a loooong wishlist. I have wished for:

- New MacBook

- Writing pad

- Drawing pad

- Different pens

- Stuffed animals

- Ipad

- Bedsheets

- New headphones

- Phonecases

- Branded clothes, but not to much, I don’t wanna have more attention that I already have.

Now that I think about it, the wishlist isn’t so long. I am now of the few rich people who doesn’t care about money. I would be equally happy, if not more, if we lived in a cottage in the forest. I don’t like all the attention that I get. And everyone talks about my brothers, how handsome they are. I don’t have time to listen to those stupid girls. I can’t count how many girls my brothers have taken home, especially my older brothers. Oh, I must tell you how my family looks like, My family consists of:

Dad Richard, 34 years old

Mom Joanna, 34 years old

My brothers

Adrian, 18 years old

Andrew, 17 years old

Anthony, 16 years old

August, 15 years old

Axel, 14 years old

And our dog Jessy, who is a Rottweiler

We live in the second largest house in the nicest part of town. All of my “friends” live here to, but not as far in on the street as we do. The richest lives further in on the street, that’s were we live, Noah lives Next-door and Charlie too. His family is the richest.

Now Im gonna get ready, and get breakfast from mom! I will have pancakes with homemade blueberry jam, yummy! On every birthday, we sit together in the dining hall.

See you later!



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