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The last thing I remember before waking up in the middle of nowhere, was going wedding dress shopping with my best friend Celia, my mom and my sister Taylor. So how I found myself here I have no idea. Victoria Richards,is a successful editor who believes in karma. She's finally getting married to the love of her life Alex Willis, she finally has everything she's ever wanted. Teresa Henderson,is the polar opposite of victoria. She's always hated herself and tried to be like other girls. What happens when she finally becomes who she's always wanted to be?

Thriller / Other
Jane k
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~Chapter one~

The last thing I remember before waking up in the middle of nowhere was going wedding dress shopping with my best friend Celia, my mom and sister Taylor. How I found myself here I have no idea.


"Vicky were gonna hurry up!" My sister Taylor yelled from downstairs. Today was the day I finally get my wedding dress, I'm so excited I could die. Not literally though.

"Hold your horses Tay, I'll be down in a sec!" I yelled back. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror. I was wearing my favourite jeans with a v neck shirt topped with a denim jacket. I got my boots in my hands, grabbed my phone and headed downstairs.

I felt him before I saw him and I smiled. When I entered the living room I was immediately greeted by big strong arms wrapping around me, my smile grew even bigger. "I'm gonna be late and I'll find all the beautiful dresses gone, and you'll see me in an ugly dress walking down the aisle. And then you'll say I don't and my life would be ruined and–". "Just shut up and enjoy the hug, and I don't care about the dress I care about the woman who'll wear it" I looked up at him, he smiled and kissed me on the cheek, "enjoy your day Vicky" he said and walked away laughing, I remained standing there a little disappointed.

"Mom stop crying you're gonna make me cry" I hugged her, I was still in the dress and the employees were giving me evil eyes. My mom broke down when I came out in 'the one' it's a beautiful off the shoulder dress that fits at the top and flares at the bottom, she just got emotional all of a sudden which made my heart swell.

"How can I stop crying? My baby is all grown up and I'm going to be left with her" she pointed at Tay and Celia tried to hide her laugh, and Taylor looked offended. I can't lie I've always been mommy's little girl even if I'm older than Taylor. "Aw mom, it's going to be okay" I assured her, I left Celia and Tay comforting her and went to pay for my dress. My mom calmed down after a while, and decided we should all have lunch together.

Celia and I went together in one car while mom and Tay went in the other. "So how's your dad?" I asked her putting my car in drive, her dad has stage 3 lukemia. "He's on the road to recovery, he smiled at me today" she smiled to herself, I used my free hand to give her a hand squeeze. "Everything I'll be okay Celia, Derick is a strong man and we both know he won't stop fighting" I smiled at her, she smiled back tears in her eyes, "I hope so" she said quietly to herself her lips trembling and I gave her another tight squeeze.

Celia is like a sister to me, more like an older sister actually, she's the tiny one with the short hair and wild attitude, I'm the tall one with the normal length hair who hasn't seen the world yet, I'm the emotional one not Celia she likes hiring her emotions. But today seeing her like this makes my heart hurt, my strong, brave and positive Celia is vulnerable, she's slowly losing hope......

After lunch I dropped Celia off at her house and went back to mine. ****

And that's all I remember, I don't know how I got here, and I'm terrified. It's dark and cold. Am I exaggerating no, it really is cold. I started to feel around for something and I found it, "aha!"

I took the purse, hoping it is a purse. Fortunately it is, I opened it and started feeling around for something and I found it, a phone. I switched it on and unlocked it. No password weird. I checked the time and it showed 3:32 am. I turned on the torch and checked my surroundings it was empty, there was only an abandoned shack, the rest was just a road and some trees here and there, I'm barefoot and I'm wearing a dress not the clothes I remember being in, maybe I was taken at night? But i don't own a dress like this. It's tiny reaching mid thigh and it's showing my legs, it's silver-ish with no straps. And worst of all I'm not in a bra.

Maybe I should call 911or something, I mean what can I say? Oh hey umm I don't know where I am so if you could send help that'd be great.

Really Victoria really?

Shut up, do you have anything better? I asked her. Oh my god I'm arguing with myself.

I finally decided to call the police and when I tried there was no reception. Ugh! I threw the phone in frustration. Then I realized it's ithe only source of light I have so I got up and grabbed it off the ground. The gravel was really hurting my feet.

Okay it's 4:00 am. I think I'll just walk until I find civilization, it's not like I'll get kidnapped at four in the morning. Walking until I find civilization piece of cake right?

Wrong! It's been three hours, yes three fucking hours!! I have blisters, but I have to keep walking, I mean I've found this really small town and all the people are looking at me like I'm zombie, which I probably look like and feel like right now.

Ow! I looked down my foot was bleeding, I stepped on a peice of glass, I wanted to cry, "fuck you glass!" And the people looked even more stunned, but I didn't care at this point. I sat down and put my head in my hands. I began to cry, my wedding is in five days I cried, what if I never see Alex again? I cried, I began to wring my hands together then I realized, I don't have my ring. What the hell! This can't be happening,no no no no no! I cried some more.

"Theresa!" I heard someone shout from behind me I didn't turn, my head hurt and felt heavy, and I felt dizzy, my eyes we're swollen and red from all the crying. I really didn't need anyone else ruining my already shitty day.

"Theresa Henderson!" He yelled again, I tried to roll my eyes but my head hurt like hell. I lifted my head and squinted my eyes to look at the person whose yelling, "you talking to me?" I yelled and he nodded, I think I really can't see clearly, he came towards me and I stood up, bad idea I was dizzy and almost dropped but he caught me in his arms. "Theresa what happened?" What's up with him calling me Theresa?

"Bitch do I look like Theresa to you?" He looked taken aback, then he said something I did not expect, "yes you do, but you clearly aren't her" well of course I ain't her, "No shit Sherlock" he just sighed and helped me walk to what I guess was his shop.

"So tell me what happened" he said seating on the chair opposite mine, "that's the thing, I have no idea" I sighed in frustration taking a sip of water.

"I think I may know what happened" he said, leaning forward and wiping his dirty hands on his jeans.

"My sister she has some issues" he started,

Theresa's POV

"So how's your day been?" I asked Alex as we walked through the garden, the garden was huge smaller than the Valentino's but still big, Alex was picking strawberries while I held the basket. "It was depressing" he said, "why is that?" I furrowed my brows in confusion, he got and smiled popping a strawberry in his mouth and wrapping one hand around my shoulders, "because you weren't here with me" he said giving me a peck on the cheek and I giggled.

Is this how it felt to be in love? Alex is wonderful to me, we made strawberry pie, which was a mess but we did have fun, after eating our almost burnt pie, we cleaned the huge kitchen which took forever, and now we're watching beauty and the beast. I've never really watched television because my parents don't believe in technology, actually my whole town doesn't. Having a phone is rare, cause you can just visit a friend to talk rather than call them.

Alex wrapped his arms around my waist and put his head on my shoulder, "what are you thinking about?" He asked with smiling eyes, yes smiling eyes! He was such a good looking man, not like my husband Abraham.

Alexander has six pack abs, Gilbert has a beer belly, Alex's eyes are full of life, Gill's are full of hatred. Alex likes to have fun as he is still young. Gill on the other hand is fourth three years old and has two daughters already so all he does is sit, eat, drink and sleep around with younger girls. By younger I mean sixteen to twenty years old. I'm twenty five so I'm just an old rug now.

He acts like a great father I'm front of my parents, when behind closed doors he's a stupid aggressive and abusive husband,

Now you see why I needed to leave. Victoria had the perfect life, perfect body, perfect job, everything about her was perfect. She had beautiful long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, she was rich and she was getting married to the most beautiful creature in the world, Alexander Willis. She can't have everything that's not how it works.

Ever since the day I saw her I knew from the moment she said her name that I wanted to be like her, no I wanted to be her. So when I was old enough I met this woman her name is doctor Grayson, she told me she can botch me for $50,000 so I asked a friend of mine, to help me out and she gave me the money. After I looked and sounded just like Vicky, I went to my parents and told them I'm a new woman.

They just shook their heads and said it's a phase, my husband on the other hand liked my change and promised to be a good husband. But after a year he went back to his old ways. Typical Gilbert

That's when I realized this wasn't what I wanted, yes I looked like her but that wasn't enough. I wanted her life. So I talked to some people and they agreed to help me.

Now I'm the new Victoria, and there's nothing she can do about it.

I smiled at Alex "nothing my love" I told him and he looked confused then smiled back and we watched the movie until we both fell asleep.

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