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Without darkness nothing comes to birth, as without light nothing flowers -May Sarton Ayanna has known fear like no other to be beaten down and have nothing to live for. After surviving a brutal ordeal she’s weary of everything and everyone; scared to live, trust and love. After a chance encounter with a handsome brute she thinks things might be taking a turn for the best but once she starts receiving anonymous notes, she’s scared that she may have traded in one pyscho for another and that she may not survive this encounter. Drew had just about given up on love and women in general but a chance encounter with a tiny sprite he’s feeling as hopeful as ever and makes it his mission to remove the darkness he sees lingering in her eyes. Trust doesn’t come easy to her but Drew is determined to break down the walls around her heart and win her love. He is determined to do everything in his power to ensure that Ayanna ‘little bit’ survives this psycho so that they can have their happily ever after. When Ayanna is once again kidnapped it’s a race against time to figure out who took her and rescue her before this psycho hurts her.

Thriller / Romance
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I smiled as I waved goodbye to my co-worker Chloe as I headed towards my car in the underground parking lot .I was dead on my feet after a 14 hour shift at the hospital where I worked ,St Agnes, as a registered nurse in the accident and trauma wing .I loved my job I had been practicing for the past year and a half and life couldn’t be better .I lived in a decent neighborhood in a modest apartment that I got with the help of my dad .I fumbled for my keys in my large bag and chuckled nervously when my phone rang startling me .

I smiled when I saw who it was. “hi daddy!” I said cheerfully as swiped hello. “hi pumpkin! are you almost leaving work?” he asked in response. “Yeah I’m headed to the garage right now,” I said “are you still coming over for dinner?” I had scraping noises coming from somewhere near my car and froze mid step as I carefully surveyed the area around my car. Not seeing anything I shrugged it off as being spooked out by the recent spike in assault cases in our little town.

“Is everything alright?” dad asked his voice filled with concern. “It’s nothing daddy I thought I heard some…” I yelped out in pain when I felt a sharp pain spread through my right ankle I glanced down in shock and gasped when I saw a gloved hand swipe at my left Achilles and doubled over in pain screaming into the phone .I tried to drag myself away from my assailant as he righted himself from his crawled position under my car but he was too fast for me .Within seconds he was standing over me with a sinister grin over his face as he drew his hand back and punched me in the face causing stars to dance across my vision before I fell into unconsciousness .

When I came to, I found myself hanging from a beam in the ceiling of this moldy basement with my arms and legs spread-eagle from chains hanging from both the ceiling and floor. The air was musty and my breath came out choppy when I realized, I was only in my bra and underwear .I tried to rattle the chains to see if I could get loose but my efforts were futile and resulted in me chaffing my wrists and my already wounded Achilles .I startled when I heard the basement door open and tried to fortify my resolve to not show fear to my captor.

He was slim build with shaggy that reached his shoulder and a scraggly looking beard to match. His eyes stared blankly into mine as he wore a sadistic smile a nine-inch blade in his hard. “You should have never rejected me you dumb bitch! This is what happens when you say no to me Penny.” He raged as he slashed a cut right across my abdomen. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from crying out as he continued to slash across my stomach and chest each cut deeper than the other though not fatal.

After what felt like an eternity, he stepped back to admire his handy work before he poured water on me causing the cuts to burn and scream in protests. I hissed out in protests but chose not to say anything my mind drifting to thoughts of daddy. He must be so worried; how could he survive if I died at the hands of this maniac who thought I was Penny.

He didn’t handle losing mama that well, he went into a bout of depression and had to quit the force so he could focus on taking care of my brother ,Junior, and I.I knew I had to bid my time if I wanted to survive this and hopefully the self -defense tactics daddy taught me would pay off. Mum was killed in a home invasion gone wrong and daddy went overboard trying to make sure we knew how to defend ourselves when the need arose.

I was brought out of my musings when he struck me with a taser causing my body to spasm as pain radiated through my body causing my muscles to contract .He continued this for over an hour before he got tired and left the room grumbling beneath his breath .My body was aching and I could barely feel my toes as I finally allowed the tears I had been holding in to cascade down my cheeks .

This went on for about two weeks as his means of torture escalated and I knew that he would soon be coming to finish me off. He stopped chaining me to the floor and ceiling after the first eight days seeing as I could hardly stand my Achilles got badly infected and inflamed and there was really nothing I could do about that but I had been observing his patterns whenever he came to ‘see’ me he never closed the door behind him and I knew that the time to act was today .I had managed to pull out a loose rusty nail from a broken headboard that was in the basement with me .My hands shook as I tried to pull myself up when I heard him approaching the nail clutched tightly in my hand breaking skin due to my tight grip.

I leaned against the wall my back screaming in protest the wounds on my back reopening and causing blood to seep out .I feigned sleep when he opened the door and bid my time as he approached his breath seeming loud in the eerie silent room .I held in my anger as he stroked my cheek lazily before slowly advancing to my chest I waited until I could feel his breathe along my neck before I struck and jammed the nail into his neck making sure to nick the two arteries in the back repeatedly before mustering up my strength and pushing him off me .

I was pleased as he gurgled on the floor holding his neck anger burning in his eyes before taking the nail and striking him in both eyes before crawling away from him as he screamed in pain.I managed to get out of the basement painstakingly so as his gurgled screams echoed in the silent house. I sighed in relief when I found a landline on a nearby table and dialed 911 briefly explaining the situation to the lady on the phone before letting myself slip into unconsciousness .

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