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The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary. Men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. -Joseph Conrad


My heart drooped when I got the call that they found Ayanna scared that this would be the end .I could not even fathom how life would be without my little girl not to mention the impact it would have on Junior; he adored his big sister and relied on her for almost everything ever since their mother died .”Come on Jun, they found Yanna we have to go to the hospital. “I said trying to be strong. From what the sergeant told me it looked really bad but I had to hold onto the fact that she managed to rescue herself and that she would pull through. “Is she going to be alright dad?” he asked his brown eyes so similar to Yanna’s that I got chocked up and mumbled a yeah praying that that was the truth.



When I came to my body screamed in protest when I tried to shift onto my side causing me to let out a hiss in pain. I felt small hands pat my face gently causing me to smile once I looked up into Junior’s teary face. “Hey buddy,” I croaked out causing him to burst into tears as he held onto my neck in a death grip. My chest screamed in protest but I held in my gasp of pain as I hugged him back. Ï whispered comforting words into his ears till he stopped crying his breath coming out in small puffs letting me know that he had fallen asleep.

When both the doctor and daddy came back that is how they found us .I smiled weakly at daddy as he kissed my forehead and taking Junior from my arms so that the doctor could look me over .After his preliminary exam ,he explained the severity of my injuries stating that I had severely torn both my Achilles heels and they had to perform surgery on both legs which were now in casts ,I had several fractures along my right arm and pelvis that led to internal bleeding which they were able to stop but as a result I had been put in a medically induced coma for the past two weeks . He explained that I would need to take several antibiotics and inflammatory drugs to help with recovery alongside plenty of bed rest.

I gasped as I woke up sweat dripping down my face my neck hurting from sleeping at an unnatural angle in my bathtub .It was the same dream that I had been having for the better part of a year ever since the incident .I always knew it was a dream but this time I could not unscrew the nail and was left to the mercy of Francis Kinley. That was what haunted me what if I never got away, what if I ended up as another statistic like his other victims. I shuddered at the thought Mickey sensing my unease and butting his snout against my cheek in comfort. I scratched behind his eyes causing him to lick my chin in response.

He was a long-coat German shepherd dog that daddy got for me for security which I greatly appreciated .I stretched as I got up from the tub taking my pillow and blanket with me to my room with Mickey in tow .This had become a nightly occurrence sleeping in the tub its where I felt safe sleeping these days .I knew that having all those doors between me and an invisible assailant assured me that no one would easily be able to attack me as I slept like Francis Kinley did .I knew sleep would not come as it hardly ever did after a nightmare and opted to get ready for my day instead .I was finally resuming work today and I was terrified to say the least but I trusted Dr Patrick’s judgement. Following the incident, I spent up to six months in physiotherapy to regain strength in not only my right arm but also both my legs. My right arm is not quite as strong as it used to be and my left leg still falls asleep on me sometimes due to the damage it sustained and when strained causes me to limp slightly.

The other six months I spent in therapy with Dr Patrick who was a nice enough man with a slender build and calm voice. He came highly recommended from one of dad’s former colleagues. He felt that in order for me to be able to overcome my fears and take control of my life I needed to return to my former routine prior to the incident. I was honestly scared out of my mind to go back to work but I loved helping people it was one of the few things that brought me joy and I didn’t want to let Francis take anything else away from me.

After I was discharged from the hospital the detective, Stevenson, who was in charge of my case informed me that Kinley had been a nut-job who was taking out his anger against any of the women who remotely reminded him of the fiancée who jilted him at the altar. In order to appease his anger and exact out his revenge he kidnapped, assaulted and tortured women to relive the horror he had executed on his deceased ex-fiancée. According to the detective were it not been for my efforts he probably would have gone off to kill more women after me and for that I was grateful.

I was brought out of my musings by Mickey who was scratching at my door wanting to be let out .I opened the door and followed him to the kitchen where his doggy door was installed and made myself a cup of tea as I watched him run around the backyard his tail wagging furiously. When I was done with my tea, I went back to my room to take my shower. I usually avoided looking at myself these days hating the scars that littered my neck, chest, back and thighs ;ugly burn, taser and cut marks .I gazed blankly at myself in the mirror as I brushed my teeth, looking at my reflection and hating the scared the woman who stared back at me. I noted how my bonnet had fallen off while I slept leaving my hair in thick twist outs, my once vibrant brown eyes looked lifeless with bags underneath them, my skin looking gaunt around the cheeks and collar bone. I tried to maintain a healthy diet but often lost my appetite.

My caramel skin looked a little pale but I knew makeup could easily fix that as I shrugged at my reflection, finished brushing my teeth and jumped into the shower. Once I was done; I put lotion on my skin, put on deodorant, put my hair in a sleek bun before I put on my scrubs. I made sure I had everything I needed in my purse before pouring food and water in Mickey’s bowl and turning on the security system. I pulled my coat tighter around myself as I headed towards my car checking to make sure there was no one underneath it a habit I had picked up after the incident .I opened the door and hurriedly buckled myself in before locking all the doors .I took a deep breathe giving myself a mental pep talk before driving off to work .

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