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"Okay... I'll admit it." Will shrugged, "She's cute. In that annoying infuriating kind of way." "That's not what scares you though is it? That's not why every bone in your body is telling you to run. She makes you feel. That's what scares you. And if that's the case, I say, RUN."

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One - Will

Will awoke to squawking. Ear-bursting, head-numbing squawking. And in the forest? Yeah. Definitely in a forest.

What the fuck?

Why could he not remember how he got here? He remembered his name. William Scott. He remembered the month, year and place he was born, August, year 1999, California. He remembered his job...

Why, was he in the forest?

Will got up, swiping at the mud on his blue jeans, ground sloshing under his boots. Creating a disgusting squelch sound.

He looked up trying to see if he knew where he could be.

All he could see were trees.


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