The Lost And Broken

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Matthias Johnson is a young dropout who struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts as well as homicidal ideation. He contemplates suicide throughout the book as well as having homicidal thoughts. He makes friends with the wrong crowd and eventually meets Neil Watts, a young hunter who has access to weapons. The two hunt together on a regular basis until their deadly cravings become tragic.

Thriller / Horror
Hunter Ross
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Another bullshit day. Got back from church and got bitched at by him again. I don't even know why he makes me go. Fuck him.

This dumb fuck makes me want to kill myself and he doesn't even realize it. I reach over to my bedside table and grab my pill bottle. May as well have a little nap. I take out a pill and grab my water bottle. The pill goes down like butter and it feels awesome. I love abusing my medication. I mean, I see no reason not to.

I toss the bottle across the room before reaching into my bedside drawer and getting my pencil sharpener. The excitement makes me shake as I wait for the sweet relief of my blade. I drop the sharpener trying to get it open. Fuck man I can't do anything right, can I?

I pick it up and finally manage to get it open. I shake the blade into my hand and just look at it for a minute. This little piece of metal is my best friend; no no, my only friend. I have nobody in this world, but that's alright. All I need is this blade. I pick it up and hold it against my wrist. I take a deep breath before slicing through my skin once. It doesn't bleed at first, it never does. All is see is white flesh before the red seeps out through the sides. I just sit there and stare at it.

After a few long minutes, the blood has left a crimson trail down my arm and hand. Fuck, I don't have the motivation to clean this shit. The pill has started to take it's toll on my body and I lay down in bed. The last thing I feel is the air against my open wound before i close my eyes.

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