At the stroke of 3 am

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Everything changed that night Everything... As the blood dribbled on the streets. Fear engulfed the sky. Was it's enough Or was there more red hues to be painted. Revenge struck the cords of justice As it was screeching in a loud voice. Imploring for aids At 3 am Discover what happened that night or what was more to happen because of that night......

Thriller / Horror
Rushali Sarfare
Age Rating:

Peaceful town


A small city not very famous as it was yet it never failed to attract spectators to be the most peaceful place in the world possibly.

As it stood as the center of attraction for people on how crime rates can also be as low nearly to tens in a year. Citizens were quite loving and believed each other resulting in friendship and mutual trust.

Hardly any piece or deed is crime can be bigger than robbery or threatening. Maximum to street fights but nothing more than that. The last murder noted down by the police records was dated in the year 2002 when a wife was murdered by his husband in his drunken anger state.

The punishment he faced wasn't much severe but enough to struck the minds of the normal citizens forever with fear with how justice would strike it's spear on the sinners.....

Yet maybe somebody somewhere wasn't feared of this because his revenge for the ripping of his innocent soul was more overpowered than the sense of justice. He was about to change the fact that no city can ever be peaceful untill the minds of people believed in revenge. A thought that becomes more heinous as you keep thinking of it.......

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