The Narrator Tales : Chapter Two : H.A.N.D.S.

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So, you all are finally here. Come on, take a seat. When I was young, I was full of energy and always up for a change. I had a friend, Steve, but now he's long gone, but he left behind his adventures, and I thought that what a waste it would be to just keep these adventures to myself. So, I have decided to share these adventures with you all, so hold your cup of coffee, and allow me to take you to the world of THE NARRATOR. Meet you there.

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It's been a while, since my visit to Bennington with Steve, and now, our daily lives have started again. My work in Henry and Co. is really draining me a lot lately and to be true, I wanted some break, so I consulted Steve if he had any thoughts to help me out.

"Well Albert, looking at your condition, my only suggestion is to take a break from your daily routine. You can either stay at home for some days or you can go someplace fresh, you know, spend some time with nature, and you'll start feeling fresh in no time, that's my guarantee."

"Your suggestion is not half bad, but I think that it might not be possible to go on vacation currently."

"And why so?'

"It's because the company recently took over a great project, and I have to work extra hours now so that no mistake is made financially."

"Henry and Co. is such a big company, they should at least have three or four accountants."

"I agree with that."

"Then why do they have only you?"

"They have more, but I'm the head, and I have to go through every document. Can't make mistakes."

"In that case, can I give you any advice?"

"Yes, that's why I'm here."

"Then, I think that you have been doing way too much work than your own capacity, and so you forgot one very important thing."

"And it is?"

"It is that you are the head accountant of Henry and Co. and along with that, they need you more than you need them. What I suggest is that you straight up go to them and propose that due to the amount of work, which you have been doing lately, you are very much tired and need a break. Take my word for this, they will not deny."

"Are you sure?"

"I am."

"Then, I'll give it a shot."

The next day, I did exactly as Steve suggested, and believe me or not, but he was right. I got one week off. In the evening, I went to visit Steve.

Unlike me, Steve was his own boss, he owned his own hardware shop and it was going well. When he first joined his shop, which was not his at that time, he used to work under Sir Kionte. But due to his hard work and luck, he soon made his place in Sir Kionte's good books. Sir Kionte was an old and retired army personal, just like Steve. When Sir Kionte passed away, he handed his business over to Steve, as Sir Kionte had no family of his own to take care of the business, after he is gone. When Steve took over the position of the boss, it was hard for him to handle it, but soon, with his hard work, he made his place, and under his leadership, the business flourished even more. At present, he has ten men working under him, and he is also looking for a perfect place to open his second shop.

"Good evening Steve."

"Good evening Albert, so how was your day."

"It was really good. I did just exactly as you asked, and to my surprise, it worked and now I have one week off."

"Nice for you. So, how are you gonna use your week?"

"Don't know. Maybe I'll just stay at home and relax."

"I have a better idea if you want to listen."

"Carry on, I'm listening."

He handed me the morning general.

"See on page five, the article named close to nature."

"Yes, I see it, it is about a new hotel, not far from London."

"Yes, and they claim that they can give you the best experience of nature, even from the room, in which you are staying."

"Is it true?"

"I don't have an exact idea, it has opened recently, so the reviews are yet to come in."


"Well, the mountain, at which it is located is indeed a beautiful one, so I say that we should go."

"I will not argue on this point, because I think it's a nice idea. I'll feel much better away from the city for a while."

"Then, it's settled, we are going tomorrow, the first train in the morning."

"Ok then, in that case, I should go home now, I have to do some packing and stuff."

"Goodbye, see you tomorrow."

"You too."

And so I went home to take care of some errands before leaving.

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