The Narrator Tales : Chapter Two : H.A.N.D.S.

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The next day, I was up early, as the first train, which we were supposed to catch, was rescheduled and now, it was an hour early, than its usual time.

It was 0430 in the morning, when I reached the station, just in time for the train, but Steve was late as always. Luckily, he made it time, and by 0500, we were on our way to, you can say a kind of new adventure.

Before any further accounts, allow me to give you a gist about the place, where we are headed to.

This hotel, about which Steve and I were discussing earlier, is situated on a mountain, called Cremdon Ridge Mountain. It was named after Sir Cremdon Brooks, who was a well-known naturalist of his time. Almost his whole life was dedicated to this particular mountain and its neighboring mountains. The reason, being its rich variety of flora and fauna.

And for this hotel, to be true, it is not a hotel, in reality, it is an old castle, whose history is out of my books. So far, what I know is that a few years earlier, its renovation started and now, we can see it in advertisements, one of which we followed. As I'm not familiar with the castles' history, so I'll refer to it as the hotel only.

And now, back to the present.

"What happened Steve? You look pretty much excited."

"That's because I am, and here, I brought a little present for you."

"What is it?"

"Open it."

I opened the parcel, which he handed over to me. I was a WARZ MAG, maybe 20's edition.

"Why a WARZ MAG?"

"Read it."


For the next two hours, I was completely submerged in the mag. Then, with surprise, I replied to Steve.

"Now I see, what you wanted to do. There is an article here, about H.A.N.D.S."

"Correct. When we were returning from Bennington, I promised to tell you about H.A.N.D.S. one day, so here it is and I'll tell you everything while we are on our little adventure."

"You always hit the spot."

"You are gonna love it."

For the next two hours of our journey, I was submerged into the magazine, reading all the articles, keeping the best for the last. You know what it is. Then finally we reached our destination.

The hotel, or the castle, whatever you want to call it, is situated, as I already told you at the top of Cremdon Ridge mountain. A fine piece of work, which takes you to another world, just by its sight. A fine specimen of beauty, which can not be defined by my words, only eyes can define it. It's exterior is covered in vines, which gives the viewer an idea of its age, the scars on its walls tell the stories about the wars, through which it had been. A marvelous creation of man, standing on a marvelous creation of nature. As for the interior, it's being repaired, to ensure the safety of staff and tourists, but they are trying to keep it as much untouched as possible. And now, for the history lesson, there is no class today, you can go home. Haha, I tried a joke there, well to be true, there is not much of a history of this castle. Who built it, when it was built, who used to stay here, and all other things are unknown. The only thing that I know, is that it is at least more than five hundred years old. Maybe Steve knows something more.

"Hey Steve, want to tell me something of knowledge."

"Yes, there is something that I wanted you to know."

"And it is?"

"It is that you don't know anything about this castle."

"Wow!, How?"

"You'll find this soon, but for now, let's enjoy the view."

"Nice idea, we can save chats for later. Let's focus on beauties for now."

"After you."

And so, our little adventure started.

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