The Narrator Tales : Chapter Two : H.A.N.D.S.

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First, we took our time exploring the outsides, and then, we entered inside.

"What a beauty it is. Steve, what is this place?"

"It is The Castle of The Land."

"And what in the world is this supposed to mean?"

"History, it means the history of this place."

"What history, there is no record about this castle in any books, I did my research properly."

"Yes, you did and you are right, because the book, in which it is written, is buried deep."

"Buried! Where?"

"Six feet below you."

"Is it in a grave?"

"Yes, in the grave of the six, six feet below the ground."

"I'm sorry to say, but you are not making any sense to me."

"Ok then, I'll tell you about this castle properly later. First, let's check-in."

We checked in and after having our bellies filled to the brim, we sat alongside the fireplace. Steve seemed excited like a three-year-old child, who just got a new toy, and for me, my mind was completely out of its place. Finally, Steve relieved me by saying that.....

"Sit comfortably Albert. Now, I'll tell you the history of this castle or hotel, whatever you want to call it, in detail."

"I was dying to know that."

"Very well then, allow me to begin from the start. So, when this castle was built, is still unknown, even to me. But the reason, why I called it "The Castle of The Land", is because it's what the original owners used to call it."

"Those six?"

"Yes, they were known as H.A.N.D.S., these were their initials."

"But these are only five and you said six."

"Yes, the sixth one is the castle itself."

"Wait, hold up, this is going way too much into the fantasy world."

"It is because it is. The castle was not built by man, it built itself, but H.A.N.D.S. were the humans who controlled it."

"Ok ok, this is way too much for my brain to process. I'm going to sleep and in the evening, please tell me everything in a much simple manner."

"Fine then, have a nice sleep."

I retired to bed with only more questions and no answers or explanations.

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