The Narrator Tales : Chapter Two : H.A.N.D.S.

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In the evening, I woke up in good spirits, even though, my mind was filled with queries and questions, still, I was able to feel fresh and this time, I was ready to take on any sort of explanation.

“Good evening Steve.”

“Good evening Albert. Did you sleep well?”

“Well, at first I thought that after your description, I am not going to sleep, but I was wrong. I slept well.”

“Ok then, our evening tea is waiting for us downstairs.”

“After you.”

We drank our tea, with some muffins, and afterward, headed outside. A guide was waiting for us outside. The hotel presents a five-day adventure trip to all of its guests, and so we also registered for it, when we checked in. For today, our course was to go around the castle, and then visit zone C. Well, the area around the castle is divided into six zones, from A to F, out of which Zone C, Zone E, and Zone F are open for public visits. The rest of the zones cover the denser regions of the forest and most of the wild animals reside there, so they are close for public visits.

First, we went around the castle. Its massive walls are so massive and thick that it might be impossible to penetrate them. Around the castle, there are five archer towers, and twenty openings, form where cannons can be loaded. We asked our guide, what happened to the cannons if there were any. In response to it, he said that all twenty cannons are still there, but currently then are sent for restoration, as they were in no condition to be placed on display. Then, when we reached the east wall, outer wall, there was a single balcony, constructed, whose purpose even the guide didn’t know. The rest of the outer walls were normal. Then, before going to zone C, our guide took us inside, to explain to us the interior. Behind these massive, impenetrable walla, stands the castle. It is surrounded by three small gardens, two at its back, and one at its front. Looking at the castle, one might say that whosoever built this, was having a pentagon in his mind all the time. The walls of the castle are built in the shape of a pentagon, with one place, over each wall, which sort of resembles a watchtower, but once again, its purpose was unknown.

After a few more details from the guide, we all headed towards zone C. Zone C mostly comprised of the flora, there were only a few deers to be spotted, but the flora in zone C can not be explained in a few words.

The moment you enter the forest, you are welcomed by rows and rows of Prairie Fringed Orchid, and when you continue moving forward, you are encountered by Rafflesia Flower. This is not all, when you are quite deep into the forest, you find yourself surrounded by Georgia Aster, Wiggin’s Acalypha, and Howell’s Spectacular Thelypody. Only this much is enough for a nature lover to take him into bliss, when you see Stenogyne Kanehoana and also Ouachita Mountain Goldenrod. This is the moment when you are truly in bliss, from which you don't want to come out.

It was an amazing adventure around the forest, and it's only the first zone, there are still two more zones to explore. After our adventure, we found ourselves back in the hotel, waiting for our dinner. After dinner, we retired to our rooms, and I immediately fell asleep, forgetting that Steve was about to explain to me the history of the castle in the evening and its night now.

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