The Narrator Tales : Chapter Two : H.A.N.D.S.

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The next morning, I woke up in good spirits and reminded myself that I have to take an explanation from Steve. With this in mind, I proceeded downstairs, towards the dining area, hoping to find Steve there, enjoying his tea, as he was not in his room when I checked. To my luck, he was in the dining area.

"Good morning Steve."

"Good morning Albert. Did you get a good night's sleep? You were looking pretty much tired yesterday."

"Yeah, I got a good night's sleep, and I'm in very good spirits today, and I also remember that you were going to give me an explanation yesterday evening, but you didn't give any."

"Yes, and that's because you looked completely submerged into the beauty of the forest, so I didn't disturb you."

"That reason might work for now, but you have to explain everything to me today."

"Ok, I'll explain everything today, but for now let's concentrate on our tea, and then go out for a walk."


We finished our morning tea and headed out. The weather outside was pleasant. Fresh air and birds chirping all around. What else can someone request? I don't think that there can be anything else that someone requires.

"You see that little trail over there?"


"Before you woke up, I had a little talk with our guide and he told me that this trail leads to a waterfall. It's quite deep in the forest, but it's open for tourists, and we'll have a nice hiking experience, so I propose that we should go, and I'll also explain what this castle is on our way there."

"That sounds perfect. I'm ready."

"Ok, so let's get some supplies, and start hiking."

And so, we headed back in, grabbed some supplies, and started hiking.

It was not more than a few minutes, that we started hiking and I was lost again in the beauty of my surroundings, but Steve brought me back and started explaining what exactly is that castle.

"So Albert, I see that you are once again lost in the beauty of this place."

"As hard I want to deny it, I can't deny it. This place is really incredible."

"Then sorry, but I'm about to ruin your pleasure from my talks."

"Go ahead, I'm listening."

"So first, I want to tell you about the book, about which I was talking earlier."

"The one which contained the history of the castle?"

"Yes, so as I was saying earlier, the book is buried in a grave, along with the owners of the castle. It is not yet found, but some texts were found in the castle, many years earlier, which pointed towards the grave of the owners, and a book, which contained the whole history of the castle, though it is not yet found, nor the graves of the owners are found."

"If you have no solid proof, then how are you able to tell all of this to me?"

"I have, but only bits. This castle was discovered in 1800, and in 1801, the organization, for which I worked, got a word about it, and they appointed a team to study it. That team studied it for five years, till 1806 before disappearing without a trace. At first, this castle was blamed for their sudden disappearance, but when it was investigated, people saw each member of the team returning to their homes, and it remained a complete mystery, as to what happened to them. Then in 1812, a new team was assigned to continue the research about the castle. Their research went on for thirty years, till 1842. At this point, every possible data regarding the castle was collected and it was also confirmed that that the castle is safe for human interaction, and was put up for sale."

"Your organization put up a castle, which was considered as an anomaly up for sale?"

"Yes, they did, but after removing everything from the castle."

"Ok, looking at it currently, I kind of believe that it is safe."

"Yes, it is."

"And, if the investigation ended in 1842, then how do you know about it."

"Well, we were allowed to go through old archives, and I had a hobby to read when I was free, so I went through many old archives."

"Ok, that's convincing enough. Pray continue."

"Yes, so the data collected by the team, contained many texts. Even though the investigation stopped in 1842, still those texts were studied. In 1850, one person was able to figure out something unusual. We used to call him "The Old Haggard", but he was not a haggard from any angle. He had been with the organization for a very long time and solved many mysteries. So, he was somehow able to figure out that there were six owners of the castle, five of which were humans, but the reference of the sixth was not clear. Then, he also figured out that a book exists, which contains the history of the castle, and along with it, he translated a piece of the text, which said that "It has everything and it lays alongside the six, where the sun never sets and never rise." This was a great breakthrough in this investigation, and in 1856, a team was assigned to find this place."

"This sounds complicated, but it's much simpler than yesterday. I think you should stop for a bit now because I'm able to hear the waterfall nearby."

"Yes, we are near. I'll continue when we'll be returning."

And so we continued for a few more minutes, before reaching the waterfall.

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