The Narrator Tales : Chapter Two : H.A.N.D.S.

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The waterfall is in itself a masterpiece of nature, apart from the fauna. We stayed there for a while, had some chats with other tourists, and started back towards the castle.

"So Steve, what happened next, when a new team was assigned to investigate?"

"Well, they just had a line from just a piece of paper, nothing else to work on. So, they went back to investigate the castle, and this time their main target was the basement of the castle."

"Any specific reason for that?"

"Yes, the first team, which investigated the castle, sealed the basement, the day before they all disappeared. So, the newly assigned team took this as a starting point in their investigation. It took them a few days to open the entrance to the basement, but they were soon inside. At first glance, it looked like a normal room, so they started searching for it. To their surprise though, it contained many texts, which were not registered in the organization's records. For a few months, they went through those records but they were not able to make anything out of them. Then one day, one of the members of the team found a hidden entrance. It was a new and biggest breakthrough in the investigation so far. This discovery was immediately reported, and a second-team, know as "The Scavengers" was sent to investigate the newly found chamber."

"What were "The Scavengers"?"

"They were a unit of retired army personals and death row inmates, who chose to do something right, instead of dying. You can say that they were expendables."

"Your organizations seem really dark."

"Yes, I won't deny this fact. So, they went inside and searched it thoroughly. Well, it was just a normal room, nothing complicated, but as both, the teams continued their investigation, they found something completely unnatural."

"And it was?"

"You'll be surprised to hear, but you are not walking over a mountain, you are walking over a maze."

"A maze?"

"Yes, a maze. This whole mountain is a maze and the castle is its entry point, but its exit is still unknown."

"I'm out of words now. Whatever you are saying, is not making any sense once again."

"I would show you, but the entrance is completely sealed now so that no one can enter it."

"Ok, and what exactly happened, which forced your organization to close the entrance?"

"When it was discovered that it's a maze, The Scavengers were sent it. The team comprised of eight people. They mapped the maze for several days, going around a hundred and fifty meters in depth. Then one day, all contact was lost and they were never seen again. A conclusion was drawn that they are lost in the maze, and are not able to trace their steps back. Along with this, a second conclusion was also drawn that the first team which investigated the castle in 1806 also tried to figure out the maze, and got trapped inside forever."

"Well, that sounds horrific, but if the entrance is now sealed, it can be said that it is safe for everyone now. And also seeing that tourism has started here, then that maze will stay hidden forever."

"I want to say the same, but no I won't say that."


"Because in 1880, the entrance was opened again, and a team was sent in, and they found its end."

"You mean that someone was able to make out alive."

"Yes, one team did it, and what they found at the end is not so pleasant of a sight."

"Ok then, I won't be asking that part, because I'm here to relieve my mind."

"I agree."

"So, for the time being, tell me only about the exterior and the forest. The maze can wait for some other time."

"Sure, why not."

"Then, it looks like we are back in time. Our guide is waiting for us. Let's get refreshed and join him."

"Sounds fair."

And so, we went to our rooms, got refreshed, and joined our guide. Today we are going to Zone E.

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