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Two girls, one bipolared the other crazy. She was born different from the others. she has a brain malfuction. Her parents hate her except her beloved sister. After the drastic turn in her life she became ABNORMAL...Follow Amara and Diema on their journey to safety. If they make it alive.

Thriller / Horror
Age Rating:

♠♣ Prologue

We were playing in the rain; Ella and I danced; soaking our hair and clothes, I'm sure our braids were going to smell after this,singing like the children we were without any footwears.

We held hands and played in our imaginary world. It rained more cats and dogs, mom was by the porch calling out to us to get inside but still we played on. I am eight, I'm older than Ella by a year.

The grass were soaked with mud; it became slippery for both Ella and I to walk on.

“Ella!Amara! Come inside, it's raining” mother yelled.

Of course we knew it was raining but it was a tradition of ours to play in the rain.

“you will fall sick” mom yelled again.

We still remained were we where until I saw my small sister, Diema. She is four–years–old, she walked out and stood by our mother, looking at us with a disappointed look. She had that adorable look that no one could ignore.

we live in a small house in a nuleared settlement— it was not that isolated mostly trees,few houses and mansions were found. My father works in a company nearby while my mother is a teacher at our school but during dry seasons they farmed.

The weather wasn't getting any better and our clothes were becoming a second skin, giving it a second thought, even though we loved playing in the rain, the chilly air outside made the hairs on my body stand; my grumbling tummy was also a sign to go in.

“Ella let's go inside” I said. She thought for while then turned to me

“No”she said. I had forgotten how stubborn Ella is just like me, but hers' was worse.


“ I want to play” she said running off to a more mudy side, jumping deep into the mud, getting more dirty.

“come na” I begged

“no” we argued for ten minutes or so, me dragging her by the hand and she being repulsive to follow.It was a tug of war between strength.

“okay fine” I yelled giving up. I left her hand and turned to walk away making her jolt back in surprise. Hearing a slump sound,a yell and then a clash made me look back. I couldn't find her anymore only her footsteps, a mud slip and a well.

“Ella!Amara!” mother yelled from afar. Her voice had fear lurking. I'm sure because she couldn't see us now.

“yes mummy were coming” I answered. Brimming tears clouded my eyesights,

“Ella..where are you?”

I moved over to the only thing that was there—a well, I tried not to get too close in other not to fall in. Moving slowly to the sides I looked in but couldn't find her, then I walked closer to the edge, almost at the point of falling in and saw her, the water was high because of the rain, bubbles were coming from the side of the water,it stopped then the water turned red.

“Ella!Amara!”mom yelled.

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