Demise of A Nation

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"Those who expect moments of change to be comfortable and free of conflict have not learned their history."

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Chapter 1

An intelligence officer sits alone in his office late at night reviewing case files for murders of fellow members of the military. A large scale conflict that has been going on for 10 years now shows no signs of stopping. His nation during this time of severe Military conflict has disbanded the civilian parliament and voted a prominent military leader and war hero to take charge of the nation in this time of war. As he investigates elsewhere in the nation the war hero is about to be granted all the responsibilities of a military leadership. The military almost worship and revere said hero.

The officer begins to tack the pieces of the murders together and realize they’re all connected in a way. He looks more into everything and the body trail slowly starts to lead him in the right direction. They’re all civilian and military leaders.He examines the trails of murders and missing persons and they keep leading him in the right direction in the search, looking through evidence, realizing these murders go far deeper than he thinks.

The intelligence officer finds the blood trail leads him right to the said military war hero whom is about to be granted complete and absolute power of the nation. It slowly dawns over him that these murders were only used to escalate the war further and position the war hero and future leader into this specific position.

Meanwhile the said military war hero and future leader is in a parliament building accepting said title and rank broadcasted on national news. The intelligence officer quickly and panicked makes a few calls to his superiors.His superiors sound suspicious and it’s at this point he realizes they were in on it And they support said new regime change he now realizes he’s at risk of being removed. The dead officers, and civilians. Many of them were in his shoes as well. He realizes he’s now a loose end that will end up just like them.

Meanwhile war hero slowly steps up to the podium to be officially proclaimed the leader of the nation. The intelligence officer on the other hand panics, and flees his office trying his best to get out as soon as possible. He trusts none of his superiors or co-workers. he contacts his closest friend to assist him in fleeing as he’s terrified he’s on a government watch list now. His friend meets him as designated location to bring him out of the country. Meanwhile again the war hero is finishing his speech.

The intelligence officer is betrayed, and shot by his closest friend, who turns out was also part of the conspiracy. Meanwhile the War hero becomes the nations new leader under a roar of applause at the parliament.Intelligence officer’s body is left there in the designated meeting location (alley or something) to rot, while the new Nation’s leader now looks over the nation he just conned into giving him leadership.


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