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Lyric refused to speak any word to Ramona who was upset about the way he behaved but stuck with pulling him to her side and not letting go of him. She pulled him through the portal hidden in one of the rooms of the mansion, not caring for his little gasp of surprise.
And before Lyric knew it, he was standing in the incarnation of hell. It was bright, too bright for a boy who was used to gentle colors or dim light up in his room, too loud for someone knowing nothing but isolation and silence, too many people around him that he didn't know.
Because everyone they passed was staring at him. Eyes were boring into his skull, female eyes, male eyes and all of them whispered, some whispers growing louder into shouts yet Lyric shut his mind and ignored them, focusing on the new surroundings. Instinctively looking around for a possible route to escape.
"Come with me, stay silent and don't even think about escaping me because all these people around will bring you back to me", Ramona told the still defiant boy by her side who refused looking at her. A sudden yank on his chin caused Lyric to nearly stumble, beautiful eyes wide and scared.
"Don't try to anger me Darling because you will be the one punished", Ramona growled at her doll who shrunk under her hard stare, nodding timidly and she immediately relaxed upon seeing how cute and submissive he was looking. "Now that's my good doll", she praised him, kissing his cheek shortly before pulling Lyric with her.
"C'mon now, people are waiting for us."
Lyric was pulled towards a group of elder man, three in count with one hiding in the back whose face was not visible due to the shadows hiding it and he wasn't bothered to find out who it was, knowing it wasn't someone to know anyways. Not for him at least.
"Miss Ramona, still on time as always. I see you brought your anchor with you today", a man said before he shook Ramona's free hand who wasn't gripping on Lyric's waist. The small blond squirmed under their heavy stares, knowing the emotions very well that were displayed in them.
Lust and desire.
Their eyes wandered over his body, of course they did, traveling over his legs, curved hips, small waist, the hand gripping on his flesh and up to his chest, collarbones until they fell onto his feline neck and his face. And oh, the stunned fascination never failed to make Lyric tremble in fear.
Because fascination always meant danger for his safety, desire meant attacks Lyric for sure wouldn't be able to stop. After all, he has been kept weak his entire life, was formed like the petit form of a delicate leaf and all these men towered over him in height, their arms double the width of his, looking like they could easily break him apart.
Ramona didn't seem to notice Lyric's raging panic, only pressing the delicate, doll like boy closer to her without a slip of her facial expression. The witch of course always had herself under control, unlike Lyric who was already trembling and staring scared at the gawking men in front of him.
He did not want to imagine how they saw him.

“Isn’t he gorgeous? I love looking at him. My little doll has such a pretty face”, Ramona cooed while scraping her long nails over Lyric’s cheek, the beautiful boy moving away with a faint whimper.

"He indeed is stunning, Miss Ramona", the one in the middle hurried to say, while the others had their difficulties to snap their eyes away from Lyric's lush frame. He was the smallest of them, even Ramona taller than he was and his size shrunk even more under their hungry gazes. His lips betrayed him once again and he let out another whimper once he felt Ramona's hand on his cheek once again.

“And the noises he makes are so cute, the best entertainment I had in a while. Beauty like Aphrodite herself, oh how angry your Mommy would be if she knew that you’re mine now”, the witch snickered before grabbing Lyric’s leash attached to a collar.

The beautiful captive stumbled forward, stumbling against Ramona with a gasp falling from red bitten lips. His mother... what was she talking about? The name of Aphrodite, the greek goddess of beauty rung a bell hidden deep within him, a memory flashing in front of his eyes but it was gone as soon as it appeared, gone like dust on a book frame.

“My pretty doll, only mine isn’t that right?“, the witch said proudly before she looked over to the silent agents. She has been working with them for a while but it was the first time she brought her toy with her.

And the beauty of him left them speechless.

Ryder Wilde stood a bit behind his superiors, eyes trained on the delicate form of Ramona's little plaything, a doll like boy from a kind of beauty that was impossible to look away from. Ramona herself was beautiful but this male held a fragile look on his face while hers was fierce and cold. She was beautiful, like ice being illuminated by the sun but the boy next to her, Lyric as Ryder remembered, was from the gentle, astonishing beauty of a sunset, warm and comforting.

Ryder wondered what it would be like to break the magical boy apart to see his beautiful colors dripping down onto the floor.

“Agent Wilde, be a dear and bring my Lyric to the back, tie him up, gently preferably if he behaves. I have to work and his gorgeous face is only distracting me”, Ramona suddenly spoke, his boss Zachariah quickly stepping aside so Ryder could fulfill her task.

"And keep him closeby, I need my doll near me so I can perform the spell", Ramona handed Ryder the leash as if it didn’t mean anything, the leather warm and soft in his hand yet he knew what power he was currently holding. Then his eyes flickered to the boy, the beautiful thing who stared at him with wide deer like eyes caught in headlights.

Ryder’s dark stare was already fixed on the pretty little thing being handed to him like this, gulping heavily because he was scared. Lyric averted his eyes away from this scary man, Agent Wilde, fiddling with his fingers. He knew he was barely treated like a piece of meat since Ramona has taken a hold on him, kidnapped him from his mother’s protection and forced into a doll.

Powerless and forced to obey the commands of an evil witch.

“Don’t worry, Miss Ramona. I will take very good care of little Lyric here.”

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