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Ryder felt a rush of excitement running through his veins, purposely tugging onto the leash and watching the petit male stumbling forward with a cute gasp before his lips were sealed shut again, head bowed to hide his gorgeous face from him and the world. A little growl sadly escaped him, a growl of primal desire.
This small soft looking boy must've been a toy of seduction for years since he was with Ramona Deboir, possibly used for his delicate looks yet the way his eyes have looked when Ryder came closer to him has displayed nothing but bright panic. Panic to be touched by someone else.
Ryder was a good observer, it was required for his job so he immediately caught up on the nervous ticks the boy had, flinching from the loud noises, gnawing on his bottom lip, eyes flickering around and not daring to meet anyone. This boy was an anxious mess so Ryder assumed he was not often let out, the way Ramona has treated him made him seem more like a prized possession than an equal anchor holding her powers.
No, this male was a rather a prisoner, or a doll to look at, perfectly resembling the way he looked as if someone has shaped him to appear exactly the way he was going to be used. It fascinated Ryder how glass like the boy appeared, as if he really was just a doll, a puppet in his master's hands and nothing with a free will.
A pretty thing made to be owned.
"Can you also speak or was your tongue ripped out to be admired in a glass?", Ryder asked the little beauty who flinched by his words, beautiful green eyes snapping towards Ryder and staring at him silently, maybe debating if it was worth the risk to answer.
"I do have a tongue", the male, Lyric as Ryder recalled once again, not 'doll', responded with a shy undertone in his melodic voice. Long golden hair floated down his back when he turned his head to glance at their surroundings.
Ryder was a good observer, knowing that the boy must check their place to see for an escape plan. A smile curled his lips into a demonic stretch before he harshly tugged onto the leash in his hand, making the petit male stumble and look at him wide eyed.
"Eyes on me, pretty boy", Ryder smirked. Lyric stared at him in response, silent once again yet his green eyes seemed to hold more as an answer. "Can you please not tug on that", the boy politely requested and Ryder instead of listening to him demonically smirked before grabbing the leash tighter, ripping on it so strongly Lyric stumbled towards him.
The agent caught the stumbly little thing, easily gripping onto his waist to bring him close, Lyric's nose nearly hitting Ryder's collarbone and inhaling shakily. Ryder stared amused at the small male, brown hair and dark eyes contrasting the other and Ryder wondered how it would be to have Lyric trembling under him.
"And what will you do against it? Cry for your Mommy?", the man snickered. Lyric gasped for air, never has he encountered such a mean person before, everyone he has met, okay that weren't many, has been polite and reserved. Okay, except for Ramona, that--
"Let go of me, you rude prick", Lyric bit out before he could stop himself, the slip of his tongue surprised Lyric himself and he stared shocked at the other man, Agent Wilde, to anxiously wait for his reaction. Agent Wilde looked stunned at him for a moment before he threw his head back and laughed loudly, making Lyric flinch.
He... was not angry? What was this reaction? Usually, Miss Ramona would scold and punish him for such a behavior, saying that her doll shouldn't take such words into his mouth. "Aren't you a cute thing", Agent Wilde commented, making Lyric huff. "I'm not a thing", he replied back.
Ryder stared at the blond, feeling amusement rushing through his veins and the desire to hurt this boy, maybe slam his head against a wall until that defiance was slammed out of his pretty little head. He instead decided to grab the boy's collar, nearly choking him when he dragged him into a nearby room.
Lyric was spun around, slammed against a wall and before he could react, there was a heavy body on his, pressing him against the cold surface. "I'm going to tie you up now, little dollie so Miss Ramona can do her work. Don't think you're entitled to open your mouth because I hunt people like you down before breakfast", Lyric heard Agent Wilde growl into his ear.
There was something hard pressing against his lower back and he struggled furiously to get away from that perverted agent who attempted to taint his innocence. But nothing than a weak whimper left his lips when the leash was grabbed once again.
He was forced down onto the ground, hands suddenly cuffed together with shimmery metal and his leash was harshly tied to a table. Not a table... what was that? Lyric didn't know but most of his knowledge about this modern world was new to him. Especially these scary man Miss Ramona was now associated with.
"All tied up. Hm, look at you, little guy, beautiful like the sun but useless. Pretty to look at but what can one do with you? Just a doll", Ryder meanly laughed, he took his pleasure in suffocating magical creatures and this blond was on top of his list that he wanted to ruin.
Ryder stared down at Lyric who was tied to his own desk, looking up to him with innocent confused eyes. He wanted to see them filled with horror and hopeless fear, wanted to drench his skin in red for being so beautiful that it hurt. But Lyric belonged to that witch and as long as she was useful to the project, Ryder had to stay away.
"Beg that this will be the last time you see me as long as your mistress is working with us. Try to escape and they'll gladly allow me to chase after you. And you wouldn't want that", Ryder darkly told a squirming Lyric before he left.
The door slamming shut behind him sealed Lyric's fate.
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