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Lyric was ripping on his restraints a bit, staring at the shiny metal surrounding his delicate wrists in some sort of weird fascination because he has never encountered such form of restriction. He before has always been cuffed with ropes or heavy shackles but these shiny things were new and heavily interesting.
They were light yet resistant and Lyric already hated them to the core, rattling on them multiple times without any success. While he has found out how to get out of ropes, thanks to his defiance towards Miss Ramona who during one part of their lives together cuffed him daily as a punishment, these new things were annoying and impossible to get out.
It has been after Pearl's death where this rebellious period of time has occurred, Lyric has almost daily tried to escape, until an entire police department has been hired to make sure he was staying in the mansion. It got so worse, with Lyric screaming and punching everyone on his way to possible freedom, that the servants had to tie him onto his bed.
Horrible memories flashed through Lyric's mind, memories where he was writhing on the bed, ropes tying his ankles and wrists to the bed posts, Ramona visiting him and cooing at his state before caressing his hair, telling Lyric to stop fighting already. But Lyric has always cursed at her so she left him alone in his misery and pain, sobbing silently to himself because he missed Pearl.
When his defiance was broken, the ropes were removed once and for all but Ramona's warning was still wandering around in his head, making him realize how miserable his situation was and that there was no possible way for him to escape.
Lyric huffed angrily, glaring at his cuffed wrists and silently cursing the man who has put him into this misery. Ryder Wilde was almost as worse as Ramona and that was saying a lot coming from Lyric. He didn't know the agent for long but the way he has treated him, called him a thing and a mere doll, has been upsetting the gentle minded boy.
He knew he was weak, weaker than normal boys his age, well his supposed age, kept fragile because Ramona preferred him this way, delicate and pure so she could easily overpower him and feed her ego of being more powerful than she was, taking advantage of his beauty and irresistible nature.
But he wanted to show all of them that they shouldn't underestimate him. All starting with Ramona Deboir.
"I'll show you that I'm not a toy to be pushed around", Lyric whispered to himself, determination forming in his heart because the way this agent has treated him was finally the drop to finish him off and wake up from his trance, make him fight for freedom.
Fight not only for his but also for all the children in Ramona's mansion who weren't able to fight against that fate.
The small blond tried his best not to squeal in joy when he freed his first arm from the handcuffs, the silver smacking shortly against the wooden surface of the desk. It must be a desk, from the same use as the one in Miss Ramona's study, although from lesser quality.
Lyric has thought that a desk meant power and wealth but inside the rooms next to the one Agent Wilde has brought him in were so many desks that Lyric lost count of them. Yet that wasn't from importance right now, not when Lyric has found a little pin needle for the lock.
It has been a frustrating challenge with the lock yet Lyric has succeeded after the hassle of long minutes concentrating on the first lock, then he turned to the other and soon enough he was free.
"More than a pretty thing, Agent Wilde", Lyric bitterly said before getting up, shaking his legs because they felt stiff while he observed his surroundings, quickly finding the door and walking towards it, reaching for the knob. "Oh!", Lyric let out surprised when the door opened, he has expected Agent Wilde to lock the door.
But the human must've thought himself of being superior to Lyric which was his first mistake. Everyone underestimated Lyric and now they were going to pay for it. Ramona has been the first to underestimate him and Agent Wilde wouldn't be the last too.
Upon leaving the room, Lyric didn't know what it was exactly called, he exhaled shakily, feeling the bond to Ramona crumbling when he took a determined step forward, then another and another. Lyric was finally ready to leave his mistress once and for all, she was away from him and no one was watching over him.
Agent Wilde was really stupid to leave him alone like this.
Lyric smiled victoriously to himself when he escaped the suffocating atmosphere of the room, not even bothering to close the door behind him as that would create to much noise and he looked around in order to find the perfect way out.
He hesitated in returning to the same direction Agent Wilde has brought him from, remembering the wide hall where he would be on full display and where Ramona possibly was as well. If she was to see him outside, she would be raging and punish him beyond belief, her rage would be furious and Lyric would rather not have that.
So he turned into the other direction only to find the corridor ending there and he released one of the few curses he knew. Energy sparked around him, soft green sparks buzzing when his eyes lit up in an emerald glowing green. Lyric felt a rush of warmth running through his body before his attention focused on the wall.
And right before his green glowing eyes, the wall disappeared into nothing, revealing the room behind it, and surprisingly, another corridor, another way out. Lyric did not know where this sudden energy was coming from or how this was possible, but all he cared for was the new hope he found.
Without further thinking, Lyric approached the new exit and made his way hopefully into freedom.
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