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Hundreds of years ago, the humanity believed to be alone in the galaxy and alone on their planet. They dreamed of far away gods to admire and to look up to, searched for a hidden prophecy behind their being and believed in a given purpose.

Lyric Omorfiá wasn't believing any of this. He knew that the gods couldn't care less for the humans working like ants beneath their feet, every single individuals too unimportant, too unworthy to be bothered with the help of the gods.
The humans were left alone and there was no god out there to save them from their miseries as they cried and cried for mercy while the world around them was falling apart. Greed took over them, the seven deadly sins occupying their hearts until they turned against each other.
Still, the gods didn't come for help. And so, the humans were turned into greedy, selfish beings without a given purpose and only the wish to survive in an unforgiving world. A world where no one was giving or receiving pity or mercy.
It was a brutal world that craved to destroy the weak and reward the strong because this was a world of survival and only the meanest, brutal and selfish people would survive this hunger sculptured world.
The rich were ruling and the poor were living in dirt and the ashes of the rich's burning parties.
Lyric did not remember the taste of bread anymore, maybe it has never existed but the craving for food has been engraved onto his being with the mere age of twelve that he couldn't help but to wonder if there have been better times.
Maybe there was, but Lyric didn't know. All he knew was how hard it was, to survive in this world. Survive and trying to escape from the witch's clutches whenever he had the chance.
"Hey, watch where you're going little pest!", a woman yelled outraged at a panting Lyric who zoomed past her, not even throwing her a glance before uttering a rushed apology, forcing his legs to comply and bring him further away.
He has already reached the busy market, stealing himself under the crowd and disappearing from the sight of the furious guards chasing after him. Protests and curses followed his path as he made it slowly to the crowd, looking anxiously left and right for any signs of his persecutors.
Once Lyric spotted one of them, a tall bulky man listening to the name of Calec, he fastened his steps, ducking under a market stall before slipping out on the other side again. "Yes, this boy went this way!", he heard the voice of that forsaken woman screeching nearby and he cursed underneath his breath.
"Get him!", he heard the watchman yell, knowing very well what would be coming for him if he was going to be caught. Yet Lyric didn't plan to get caught, maybe, just maybe was this day the final day where he could get away.
But his hope got shattered to the ground like a falling mirror when he bumped straight into a hard chest, immediately backing away and aiming for a saving run but he was too slow and the man too fast. "Got you, little pest", Lyric's eyes came in sight with the familiar colors of the city guards.
A mewl slipped out of his lips when he was roughly grabbed, a musky scent filling his nostrils and causing him to scrunch his nose when he saw the sweat trickling down the man's beet red face.
"Sire, I have the boy!", the man yelled, brutally dragging Lyric with him while the boy was clawing at his grip and cursing very unchildish at him with words a young boy his age shouldn't know.
The market visitors curiously turned their heads to the obstacle, of course not wanting to miss a good show and Lyric hissed at them instead of shying away. Bringing his fear at sight was the same as death.
"That's this boy again."
"I heard he's with the witch."
"The witch? Is he her son?"
"No, I heard he was so beautiful the witch bought him from his mother and took him as her own son to teach him her satanical rituals!"
"Poor boy, suffering at such a young age."
All these words caused rage upon Lyric as he struggled in the tight grip around his collar, punching his fists against the guard's arms but without much result. If only they know that she was the devil herself, there was no need for her to teach him satanical rituals anyways.
Why praying to something that was herself.
"Lyric Omorfiá. Ya never fail to amaze me with ya little tricks", Calec said with a stupid grin once the struggling twelve years old was back in his sight again and the male stood up to his full height to hover over the young boy.
"Yet this comes to an end today. I wonder what Miss Ramona will do when we return ya back to her", the city guard said with an evil smile, of course not showing any mercy to the struggling boy as he liked to see Lyric suffer.
He has often tried to approach the minor whenever he got the chance until Ramona straight up told him that she didn't wish for her precious property to be dirtied by Calec and since then, the city guard has chosen to make Lyric's life a living hell.
Funny, since Lyric's life was already a living hell.
"Hm, I wonder what she'll do once she sees the marks you left on me", Lyric replied while staring at the tight grip on his arm and the man close to him hissed before removing his grip.
"Little rat, don't think you can trick us!", he instead hissed, Calec staring down at little Lyric with an unreadable expression on his hard face, Lyric only being able to sens hatred and desire.
"That's right, ya can't sass us, dumb boy. Ya ain't even a boy now that I think of it. You're property", Calec spat evilly, knowing this word hit Lyric right in the guts because no matter how hard he tried, he forever remained this.
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