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Servants moved aside as the city guards stormed inside the greeting hallway of the mansion, crying out in distress because they didn't have an audience with their mistress, trying to stop them but once they saw little Lyric struggling in the captain's grip, they sighed and didn't interfere anymore.
"Miss Ramona is situated in the living room, Sire", a maid informed Calec with bowed head who was gripping tightly onto Lyric's ripped collar who was cursing him very impolitely. "Thanks", Calec only snarled, already in a bad mood since his day started with chasing after the little nuisance.
But it was fairly important to him to be on Ramona Deboir's good side as the witch was the most powerful and influential woman of their city. Angering her was not something wise to do, so everyone was eager to stay on her nice side, especially trying to impress her.
And Calec needed to impress her so he had to bring her the little nuisance back, as much as he wanted to throw Lyric down the river.
Lyric on the other side wasn't too keen in returning back to his hell, throwing punches aimed at Calec and the others who brought him back, he caught glimpses of the other children passing by, throwing him shocked glances out of huge eyes before they fearfully hid back in the shadows upon seeing the large scary humans.
"That's right pests, crawl back into the shadows where you belong to", one of the guards snarled and kicked a petite fairy girl away who screeched, cradling her wings to her chest quickly when she fell to the ground. "Hey, leave her alone!", Lyric immediately bit out to her defense, the fairy girl looking at him wide eyed.
The children and Lyric held a weird connection, all separated from their parents by Ramona, held inside as 'her' children but more like monstrosity for her wealthy guests to stare at and make fun of.
Ramona Deboir was the most known witch of London, having a french background she arrived in the capital of England ten years ago and soon started to make a name for herself. Whispers grew louder of her being a witch instead of a wealthy widow, her magic being the most powerful.
Magic was known in this world, yet looked down at, seen as something incredibly dangerous and inhuman. Magic was for the poor, the outcasts yet the wealthy people found themselves demanding help whenever they were facing a problem, going to the ones they deemed unworthy and disgusting.
Yet Ramona managed to find herself a spot in this society, now living in the most luxurious mansion of the city and ruling over London with an Iron fist. Even the King came to her in need, and all she was asking for in return, was to provide her with the children of magical creatures.
She had them all, from small pixies to the large stone giants working in the mines for her, the most exclusive and precious held in her mansion like pets and shown around whenever she felt like it.
And Lyric, Lyric was her crown jewel.
Nothing enlightened Miss Ramona more than his presence, having Lyric sitting close to her, stroking his hair with a smile yet she was also the most gruesome with him and this weird form of affection left Lyric's skin crawling since he couldn't bear with this treatment anymore.
He has often enough tried to escape, so often that the servants weren't even surprised anymore to find city guards inside the mansion in order to bring the runaway back and even Ramona herself wasn't surprised.
"Lieutenant Smith, what joy brings you here?", the powerful raspy voice of London's witch called out for an answer of the city guard captain who dragged Lyric with him, the small blond now growing limb upon seeing Miss Ramona.
The witch was sitting on her favorite couch, a little Jackalope next to her, its nose trembling from the new scents and the horned hare lifted its head and Lyric stared at the trembling creature before it was dismissed by a wave of Ramona's hand.
"We're bringing ya the boy back, Miss Ramona. H'was sneaking out but we caught him for ya! Miss Ramona, Ma'am", Calec said, his dialect slurring his words more then usual from how nervous he was and Lyric scoffed but shut up when he caught the witch's eyes.
Ramona Deboir was an impressive woman, not a single person could tell how old she really was, her powers gifting her immortality as it was whispered in the streets and Lyric really believed that as she seemed to never age. Her hair was neatly pulled into an elegant hairstyle, face perfectly void of any emotion and her fancy clothing sitting right on every place.
She was beautiful, stunning even but not even the most prettiest face could hide a rotten heart and greedy eyes.
Miss Ramona sighed, closing the book on her lap, neatly putting it onto the side where a small pixie was waiting for her instructions, quickly taking is without touching the mistress to take the book away. She sat up a bit, Calec by Lyric's side obviously sweating his ass off and Lyric snickered by this thought.
"Thank you for bringing him back, Lieutenant", her melodic voice now thanked the captain who's chest swelled from pride of being praised by the witch, not even acknowledging Lyric's presence next to him.
Ramona turned to Lyric. "Lyric, my dear, go to your room. I will talk to you later", she said without a hint of anger in her voice, perfectly concealed yet Lyric knew that he was done for, of course, he has been stupid, he got himself caught and therefore another punishment.
It usually ended with him crying on the floor after Miss Ramona very clearly showed him that there was no way he could escape her grasp.
"Yes, Mistress", Lyric mumbled quietly, being released from the grip of Calec and moving out of the room with bowed head, feeling defeat rising in his chest. He heard the voices coming from behind him, the faint whispers and he couldn't help himself but to throw a little glance over his shoulder.
"This is for you, a little present for bringing my boy back", Ramona gestures towards a silent servant who offered Calec a little sack of gold. The captain greedily took it, smirking at Ramona before bowing at her, the woman nodding her head.
"Pleasure making business with you, Miss Ramona", Calec said with his disgusting smirk and made his way to the door. "Oh and Lieutenant Smith?", the wealthy woman called out for the man and his guards.
"If I find another bruise from your men on my Lyric, you won't be rewarded so nicely", Ramona now said with a little smile, a warning in her eyes and voice which caused Calec to gulp. "Yes, Miss Ramona."
When he was out of the door, Lyric has already ran upstairs into his room.

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