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Lyric's door was opened by a servant merely throwing him a glance, instead freeing the way for the owner of the household to step inside the little room. The space was nothing special, one of the smaller rooms high up under the roof but to Lyric, it meant the world.
This was his safe haven, his privacy and he was the only one to be given such a luxury under the other children. He was one of the oldest after all and often enough took care of crying kids who missed their parents, allowed them to sleep together in his bed so they could fall into the illusion of having a real home.
Lyric on the other side has long ago given up on seeing his mother again. His father only a faint memory but he remembered his mother vividly, a gorgeous woman from who he has inherited his golden locks. Lyric remembered loving his mother so much, remembered her melodious laughter but he wasn't so sure of that nowadays.
Everything became blurry nowadays. Lyric sometimes wasn't even sure if he had a mother in the first place. Or a real home...
"Head up, dear let me see your beautiful face", that was also one thing that Lyric found confusing about Miss Ramona because no matter how reserved she was to the other children, demanding and harsh, she somewhat became human around him. Which Lyric didn't like at all because no, that witch was evil!
"I'm surprised you still refuse to acknowledge your place, dear and still believe in the childish thought of getting away", Miss Ramona said while Lyric only looked shortly at her before looking away, glaring down at his feet.
His clothes were from better quality than the other children and Lyric despised it, caught by the maids so many times how he tried giving the other kids clothes when they were freezing. Miss Ramona has also gotten angry with him for that because he apparently 'was from higher breed than they were' and Lyric also despised it.
It sounded like they were pets, some treated nicer than others and it had Lyric shaking in his place from anger while watching how Miss Ramona tore the clothes off of the poor scared children while she has been scolding Lyric.
"It is not childish when I wanna go home", Lyric mumbled with a pout, still glaring down at his shoes and he heard Miss Ramona laugh. "Home? Dear boy, your home is with me", she laughed before moving towards the small single bed Lyric was sitting on.
"Look at me, Lyric", her melodic voice came right from above and Lyric knew what he was expecting when he was going to look up. Once he lifted his eyes, his chin was grabbed, hands interlacing with each other in fear.
He flinched when he was slapped across the face, gasping lowly for air from the pain but otherwise stayed completely silent because he didn't want the witch to see him weak. Never again was he showing her his tears. Not a single weakness.
"So, did you learn your lesson or do I have to be mean again?", Miss Ramona said while looking down at the silent child, golden locks hiding his face, interlacing her own hands with each other without a care in the world.
"You know that I don't like it when you're ignoring me boy. Speak up or I'll have to punish these little brats again because you defy me", she warned the small boy.
"I learned my lesson, Miss Ramona", Lyric silently said, tears brimming in his eyes which was why he kept his head low. "One last chance", she this time said and Lyric felt the room growing colder around him. So he lifted his head, blinking his tears away to reply to her stern glare.
"I learned my lesson, Miss Ramona", Lyric repeated, this time looking into her eyes and she nodded her head in approval, her cold aura retreating from the room and from Lyric, leaving the small boy trembling in his spot.
The witch sighed, shaking her head softly upon seeing her favorite child so frightened. "You are someone very special, Lyric and the sooner you realize it, the better", Ramona said, sitting down next to the rebellious twelve years old.
"In this world, the ones with special abilities are deemed outcasts. But this is just a trick of the humans to belittle the ones in power, to make them fear what they are because they know that once we go against them, they won't survive. We are better than them yet we are the ones living in poverty. It's time to break this", Ramona said, Lyric not quite understanding what she was meaning.
He was just twelve after all, angry with everyone but mostly with the woman next to him and with the entire world. It didn't matter to him what Miss Ramona was saying, the words unimportant to him because he was just twelve, and angry with everyone.
"You will understand in the future", the witch said with a sigh when she didn't receive an answer, knowing that little Lyric was not yet ready for her plans and she could wait. After all, she had Lyric right where she wanted him, as well as the other children.
No escape could take that away from her.
Ramona Deboir was after all always a step ahead, even if Lyric thought otherwise but she would soon enough break that mindset of his until he would realize that he was hers all along.
"Until you have properly learned your lesson, that you cannot run away, you shall stay in your room, no food for two days", Ramona said, her youthful beautiful face hiding the demons behind a facade Lyric knew too well.
His shoulders sunk in defeat, nodding weakly. "Yes Miss Ramona", he whispered broken, sniffing silently and Ramona sighed.
"If only you could see the paradise I'm offering you, dear. You're mine so why are you still fighting me?", she asked with a sigh but didn't expect an answer anyways. Her favorite boy was way too stubborn after all but Ramona was patient.
She and Lyric had all the time of the world after all.
It didn't matter if he hated her, Lyric and his powers belonged to her.
"And don't even try to communicate with the other children. You know I will find out anyways and only they will suffer from your stubbornness because my pretty Lyric is too precious to be harmed", the witch said, getting up from her seat after stroking Lyric's cheek.
"Yes, Miss Ramona", the tiny voice of a broken child once again said before the door was slammed shut and locked.
Leaving poor little Lyric alone with his misery.

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