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Lyric’s childhood passed by and became a scar of his memory.
The years moved past him like the bat of an eyelash and before he could stop it, he has turned sixteen, all alone in this huge mansion without a consistent friend by his side. He has seen children, so many children stepping inside Ramona's mansion and has seen so many leaving again, maybe because Ramona deemed them unworthy or too powerless to be considered in staying.
Lyric watched jealously how they were thrown out and never returned. None of his tries to become friends with any of them would be from long success. Because no matter how hard he would try to hide a friendship, Ramona would always find out.
She wasn't per say jealous but rather watching her most precious possession with hawk eyes, wanting Lyric to be fully alone so she could spin him inside her net, without worrying that anyone else would take his love away from her.
Lyric didn't know what she had planned for him and why she was so adamant in keeping him alone but living in this huge cold mansion for so many years has made him stop asking questions and rather focus on his survival.
His only true longterm friend Lyric ever had, has been a shy, blue skinned boy named Pearl. It wasn't his real name, given to the frightened back then thirteen years old boy while Lyric has been the tender age of fourteen, just yet discovering his own being with new eyes.
Pearl was shy, didn't speak and was from a species Lyric didn't know. It wasn't like he could ask anyone, or like he wanted to because any interest of him for the species of the children would be reported to Ramona who was so eager in teaching Lyric everything about the mystery world.
The other children were so ecstatic for their teaching lessons but Lyric shied away from it. Pearl has been by Lyric's side because the timid male too couldn't stand being watched all the time during these lessons.
They have found a little spot high up under the roof, their own little hiding spot and they have talked and talked for hours up there, until the night came and disappeared again, until the sun rose and servants searching for them.
It were brief moments of stolen happiness and Lyric up to this day still stored them deeply in his heart. Because these kind of occurrences died out as soon as Ramona discovered them.
They've been young, inseparable and from the type of tender age where they started to discover new things.
It has been this tragic day, where Pearl's eyes have fallen onto Lyric's pretty lips with the cute prominent little cupid's bow above and Lyric's eyes have fallen onto Pearl's heart shaped lips. They couldn't tell their feelings when they leaned closer, pressing their lips together in the secret wish for love, to acknowledge the tender feelings they held in their hearts.
And it was that unfortunate moment where a servant found them in the same tender embrace and brought the two terrified boys to their Mistress.
It was the first time Lyric has ever seen Ramona Deboir being this furious. Her smooth forehead has wrinkled up in the most ugliest frown, her mouth twitching from raging anger and her magic has roared through the air, finding the culprit which caused all of this.
And right in front of Lyric's eyes, his dear friend Pearl has been whipped to death by the unforgiving strands of raw magic Ramona has created. The witch has screamed, raged not only at Pearl but at her servants as well for allowing such a scandal happening under her roof while Lyric has cried and cried, silent tears of agony rolling down his cheeks.
His eyes never leaving Pearl's painfully bent form while the magical tentacles crashed down and down and down onto his fragile skin, until blue blood was seething out of the wounds, until Lyric fell on his knees and sobbed out Pearl's name.
Only then, Ramona has showed mercy, dropping Pearl's now silent body to the ground and returning her purple glowing eyes to a crumbled Lyric. Teary eyes were captured in a furious stare, Lyric's form shaking from his sobs of pain and misery for his only friend.
"This is what happens when you defy me!! You killed this boy, Lyric, you killed him because he tainted your innocent lips!", Ramona has screeched, voice wavering from her rage and all the servants have crowded her to calm her down.
Apparently, her magic has gotten so much out of control that it was close to destroying the whole city.
Just because Lyric has kissed a boy.
And from this day on, Lyric completely isolated himself from the other children, not stepping out of his room for the entirety of two weeks, until he was forced back outside by the servants who all treated him differently now.
Who all treated him like they were afraid.
Because they have seen what happened to the one touching Mistress Ramona's most precious possession.
And continuing from this faithful moment, Lyric watched children entering the mansion and leaving it again. Sometimes going into a room and never returning, sometimes forced into the cellar until screams grew loud in the entire house.
Yet Lyric didn't care anymore. It was like his heart was frozen, not only from pain but from fear for his sanity as well. He didn't question anything anymore, only obeying now with a face void of any emotion.
Lyric also didn't see the way Ramona stared at him, eyes filled with victory while her skin started to shimmer, becoming much more youthful and magic humming in content. It didn't bother him anymore how Ramona pulled him closer to him.
Because slowly, Lyric started to lose himself too.
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