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When Lyric turned eighteen, Ramona gave him the gift of immortality. It was gifted to him in form of painful hours writhing in the same place, cuffed to a table deep down in the forbidden cellar of the mansion, servants staying close and Ramona in the middle, hands cupping Lyric's small sweaty face and mumbling ancient words he didn't know.

When Lyric woke up, he felt energy buzzing through his veins, magic he didn't know he owned and Ramona has noticed this with a smile, finally showing a positive emotion. But Lyric was way too deep inside his own created headspace that it didn't matter to him.

He merely noticed all the hands on his body, following some curves with soft mumbles, Ramona praising him pridefully for doing so well yet Lyric stayed silent and stared at his interlaced fingers. Something felt different about his body, entire limbs trembling once he sat up and servants were quick to steady him.

"Go look into the mirror, my Darling", Ramona cooed proudly, her eyes shimmering while she stared at Lyric who was helped down from the table. "See for yourself how pretty you are", the witch purred out.

Lyric stumbled forward, hands holding his arms in a secure grip so he couldn't fall, his trembling feet carrying him forward to a mirror held upwards by two frightened looking servants who didn't dare to look directly at the blond male. It was forbidden to look at Miss Ramona's jewel, the last one who did daringly stare ended up on the dirty street.

The blond gasped once he was met with his own reflection, not believing that what he saw was his own self and before anyone could stop him, he stumbled forward, hands connecting with the cold surface of the mirror while Lyric stared inside.

A small, scared face looked back to him and Lyric wondered if this was really his face, too scared to often enough look into the mirror, to see the face of the broken boy he has become, to see the features that were so often praised by either Ramona or the creepy guests she welcomed inside her mansion.

Now that he was looking at himself, Lyric felt tears brimming in his eyes, these beautiful large green orbs staring right back to him, trembling dreams captured inside of them without the chance to ever escape. Weren't his eyes blue? Lyric didn't remember his eye color anymore, seeing the green orbs looking back at him, wandering over the form of his chin, his lips, the cupid's bow leading to a thin nose, brows curving over these captivating eyes.

Lyric pulled away from the mirror, turning his head to find tears rolling down his cheeks, the wetness stunning him. His head shot to Ramona, staring at her and she stared back, looking ever so pleased with whatever she has succeeded.

"You are stunning, Darling. My beautiful boy, now that you've seen your perfect face, you will understand my greed a little bit better. I couldn't risk you turning away from me, your powers and you belong to me", the woman said, words cutting through Lyric's protective walls around his heart and they shattered, shattered like glass.

A sob was freed from his lips. "All of this for beauty? You are already beautiful, what do you want from me?! I have nothing to give to you, you've already taken everything from me", Lyric whispered, misery now forming inside his locked away heart once he allowed himself to feel again and tears rolled down his rosy cheeks.

Ramona cooed, making her way towards Lyric with waving robe and fiery eyes. Hands cupped Lyric's face, wiping the tears from his cheeks before it was turned into Ramona's direction. "My dear boy, you only understand half the things and that's for the best. I do not crave to take your beauty away, I want to be the one to own you. You're the crown jewel of my collection", she said.

Crown jewel. Lyric hated these words, almost as much as he hated and feared Ramona. As much as his confused love to her. She has been the near thing close to a mother, her praises rare yet overwhelming and a single warm word left Lyric trembling and crying in his bed the following night from how overwhelmed he felt.

He wanted nothing more than to get away from her yet leaving her seemed so out of reach and he sometimes caught himself to wish that a friendly word would pass her lips, something to grasp onto so he wouldn't need to leave.

The relationship with this witch was confusing Lyric's young innocent heart, he wanted to be away from her yet also wanted her praise.

"I don't want to be that", Lyric whispered in return, feeling bold with his words because of the misery in his heart, because he was feeling things he shouldn't, because this woman took his mother's role and forced Lyric to her side. Because if Lyric didn't speak up now, he was going to submit to her.

"It doesn't matter whether you want it or not. You have nowhere to go to. I'm your Mistress and this is your home", Ramona whispered, bringing their foreheads together before she reached forward, grabbing Lyric's still thin waist to press the boy against her.

She was possessive, indeed she was, Lyric was the symbol of her power and everyone knew of this, backing away from the witch to shower her in gifts instead, because no one was defying her with Lyric by her side.

Yet the poor boy didn't even know about the power he held within his body, didn't know he was belittled and forced into a submissive role when he was so much more, so much more powerful but kept low, sometimes starved to stay weak. Lyric's body was fragile, too fragile to handle the worth of his future and the heaviness of his past.

Ramona gladly took that away from him. She kept him innocent, pure and unknowing to the truth because once he would find out the truth, Ramona would lose him and she couldn't accept that.

Her sick obsession with the beautiful male has grown over the years just like his beauty so she would do anything to keep it the way it was.

Not once thinking of telling Lyric the well hidden truth.

That he was the son of a goddess.

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