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Now that Lyric was an adult, Ramona started to change her behavior around him, isolating him from the rest of the mansion, the servants and the children yet Lyric couldn't bring himself to care since he has grown used to it. The years have passed, turned into centuries and decades and yet Lyric didn't age.
He watched how his friendly maid turned into an old woman, her brown hair turning grey, then white until she was released from the household while Lyric stayed exactly the same, stayed in his room or was seen by Miss Ramona's side. His every day was structured the same, waking up, receive breakfast and then spend the day to Miss Ramona's liking before he was released back to bed.
When Lyric has asked the Mistress what year it was she has laughed, pressed a kiss to his forehead and told him that around 150 years have passed. The blond male has been absolutely stunned when she told him this, staring out of the window where suddenly weren't horse carriages moving around, replaced by weird machines on four wheels and making a lot of sound and dirt.
It was a lot to adjust to, sudden immortality and the feeling of years flying by yet it seemed only logical to Lyric that this was happening since he himself felt stuck in time while time was actually passing so so fast around him until he felt like losing control.
Living with Ramona was like living in cotton, everything seemed weird, slow and confusing to understand, Lyric often enough relying on her knowledge about the current time they stayed in, the world dissolving and creating itself new which he often didn't notice.
Just like right now, waiting in the entrance hall for his mistress, dressed in a fancy black suit, white gloves hiding his feline hands from the world and Lyric stared confused at them, wondering how they got onto his hands. Some servants were busying themselves close to him, wiping the windows or cleaning statues from dust.
It of course was only an illusion for them to watch over the Mistress' doll. They weren't allowed to leave Lyric out of sight, this confusing, beautiful male who seemed to be older than he was introduced and who was the mysterious man by Ramona Deboir's side, although not her lover, there was something else about him.
Something scary about their relationship yet no one dared to step close and ask this beauty about his connection with the mistress. Ramona stayed in the mansion, watching the time pass with Lyric by her side and now that a new society has risen from the ashes of the old community, it was time to claim her spot on top of the society.
Which was why she was going to visit a ball tonight, only with the special occasion of Lyric accompanying her. It truly was a premiere since the golden haired male was usually not allowed outside, only to the garden from time to time and the precious doll was watched all the time.
"You look stunning, my beautiful doll", Ramona's voice came from up the stairs, looking flawless in her deep red dress that clung to her curves, elegantly walking down the stairs. A stole was wrapped around her shoulders, pearls hanging from her ears and floated around her wrist and neck, worth thousands.
She has moved to call Lyric her doll, the boy growing more and more beautiful as the time passed and she was so proud that this beautiful little angel belonged exclusively to her. So Ramona of course had to show him off to make the others know that she was not one to be messed with, with him by her side.
His powers, unknown to Lyric but known to Ramona, were from high use for her and also the reason why she was so powerful.
"Stand up and come to my side, doll", Ramona commanded with a purr, extending her arm and Lyric sat up, walking towards the Mistress before taking her arm. His form was lean, thin even with narrowed, somewhat curvier hips than normal, elegant curved shoulder and collarbones and an absolutely stunning face that made it hard to look away from.
He was absolutely ethereal and Ramona was highly aware of it.
Lyric spared her a simple glance, not saying anything back in reply, only gritting his teeth because he knew that anything he could say would upset her. It wasn't like he couldn't think of a salty reply, he had so many stored in his head actually but as too afraid to say them out loud.
It was always like this, turning mute around her and Lyric hated this as well, hated the woman who took his mother's role when she didn't have any right to do so.
Sadly, Lyric couldn't remember his real mother, only this woman in front of him who looked so pleased with herself and Lyric wished to wipe that smirk off of her face yet he couldn't. He couldn't do anything, he was her doll, nothing without Ramona. Completely relying on her and it drove him insane.
He knew nothing next to her, probably also the reason why he never got to experience anything in life, not even his sexuality as the only one in his life was Ramona. And Lyric would rather eat shattered glass than feel love for that woman.
"I have a little present for you, my Darling, since you're coming with me today", Ramona said, snapping her fingers and a servant hurried to come close. When Lyric saw what she was holding in her hands, he wanted to scream. 'Is that woman messing with me? I'm not her pet!', Lyric thought furiously but bit his tongue.
It was a collar.
Ramona smiled widely, wrapping the soft leather band around Lyric's neck, the male shuffling uncomfortable in his spot. Due to the lack of nutrition, Lyric was petit and shorter than Ramona who was now hovering over him and not allowing him a way of escape. So he had to accept the collar with a whimper, humiliated tears brimming in his eyes.
"Stunning", the witch mumbled, following the pretty curve of Lyric's neck, not caring for the tears in his emerald eyes. "Now everyone will see that you're mine", she said proudly, attaching a leash to the little hoop on the collar.
Lyric's cheeks brightened in embarrassment and it was this moment where he got out of his protective shell and made a promise to himself.
The promise to escape Ramona and bring this horrible witch down.

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