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Ryder Wilde has seen enough in his short life of 25 years to know that there was some crazy shit going on in the world. He knew that human beings for sure weren't the only ones living on earth's surface, that even more dangerous creatures were out there, more evil than he could ever imagine but he was pretty chill with that thought.
After all, he was working for the secret agency of the United States that was dealing with even these special creatures. He was an agent having seen far too much astonishing things, knew that all the mysterious creatures indeed were reality so nothing was really shocking to him anymore.
Their daily clients or people with special needs as Ryder liked to call them, were all somehow involved in the dangerous world of mystery and fables. Some were on the run, some tried to start a new life in the United States and some were straight up way too involved with dark, dangerous activities to be ignored. It then was the agents' duty to guard and if necessary hunt these people down.
Ryder enjoyed this part of the job, loved going after runaways who really thought they could escape him. It was his job to hunt such people down, not even considered humans and he enjoyed every bit of it. These creatures did not deserve any mercy anyways, worth under humans and being hidden from the normal society to stop a possible revolt.
The mystical creatures and all the other magical stuff was hidden behind closed doors so the human citizens could carry on with their normal life and not worry about threats of magical monsters.
Which was also part of their job, to keep the human world and the magical world separated. Anyone who would flee this system or find out would simply be... taken care of. And Ryder loved the hunt.
Maybe he was a sadist but how could he then not love his job that provided him with new victims to satisfy his demonic thirst for brutality and chase. But it wasn't his fault for choosing the right job anyways, right?
"Yo Wilde, we have a 84 back in Atlanta, fled vampire trying to get out of the state. You wanna have it?", loud ringing blasted through Ryder's ears right after the words, making him jump back with a hiss before hitting a bullet through the glabella of a blue eyed nymph trying to attack him while he had his arm wrapped around her spross.
The little child was crying in Ryder's arms and heavily trashing around yet the man did not care at all, shaking the little girl as a warning before making his way out of the swamp with a disgusted look on his face.
"Sure thing, Kyle, make sure to scan the file and put it under my name so I can take care of as soon as I return", Ryder spoke into his headset before dropping the still crying nymph girl to the ground. "Also, I got back Case 75", Ryder informed the other man on the end of the call.
"Both of them?", Kyle, one of his superiors and helpers asked him warily, knowing very well that Ryder could get a little... taken away whenever he was on a mission. Sure, he was the best agent they had but his sadistic nature was not one to be messed with.
"Hey, this bitch attacked me so I defended myself!", Ryder defeated and he heard a sigh coming from the other line. "Tell me that at least the child is alive, we need her back here", Kyle said, annoyed by Ryder's antics. If it wasn't for the fact that he was their best, they would fire him for his killing spree.
"She is, all safe and sound. Returning to the base now, over", Ryder said and pressed onto his headset to end the call. He released a heavy sigh before his eyes wandered down to the girl and he shot her a sickening smile.
"Let's get going, Princess", Ryder evilly grinned and picked her up by the collar to drag the small Nymph after him, the girl struggling in his grip and releasing angry clicks and sobs. Yet Ryder didn't care at all.
After all, he wasn't the top agent with having a heart.
"Wilde!", the call of his supervisor made Ryder groan after leaving the little Nymph under the guidance of a female agent who took her back to the children center where all magical infants were kept as Ryder liked to call them.
His eyes met with Zachariah Shaw, the boss of this special agency and he shortly nodded towards him as a sign of respect but didn't bother to say anything. The man was tall, around 6'1 and had his blond hair styled out of his face to give him a more fierce look. Zachariah was also always wearing suits and Ryder has not once seen him without one.
"I want you to meet someone", Zachariah said and gestured towards the Lady standing next to him that got into view once Ryder stepped closer. As soon as he laid his eyes on the Lady, he knew who she was. Or more what. Since Ryder's job was to hunt down magical creatures he just knew when he was standing in front of one.
"Miss Deboir, this is our best agent Ryder Wilde. Wilde, this is Lady Ramona Deboir, a very important partner of our agency so I expect you to treat her with the highest respect you can muster", Zachariah spoke with a little warning beneath his words for Ryder.
Yet the man knew when to be charming and smiled politely at her before extending his hand for a handshake. "Lovely meeting you, Miss Deboir", he said and feathery kissed her hand. The woman was from a kind of beauty that demanded attention but that must've also been bought by dark magic, beauty too flawless to be from this world.
Ryder just knew that he was standing in front of an ancient witch, his gut feeling never wronging him. "Please, Miss Ramona shall be enough, everyone calls me that", the black haired woman waved him off with a perfectly manicured hand before turning back to Zachariah after greeting the 'lower ranked' agent.
That didn't sit right with Ryder but he swallowed his pride and straightened his back. "As I was saying, my work is very complex and I will have to bring my anchor with me to perform the spell you're asking for", Ramona continued as if Ryder's presence never interrupted their conversation.
He was not surprised to hear that Zachariah requested the help of a witch. They sometimes needed the help from witches to find someone who did not want to be found and even if it disgusted him, it was necessary. And witches like Ramona shouldn't be angered or disrespected so he kept quiet.
"My doll is from high importance for me and I have to make sure that you can provide the safety I'm asking for or otherwise you'll have to deal with certain... consequences", she said, smiling charmingly at Zachariah who was already gone for her.
Ryder scoffed. Zachariah has always has a weak heart, not suitable for his position and Ryder despised him for it. "Of course, Miss Ramona. Agent Wilde will personally watch over your- your doll", Zachariah hurried to say and Ramona threw a glance into Ryder's direction.
"Good. My Lyric is an anxious little thing and I do not wish to see him upset so make sure no one will stare at him for too long or try to touch him. I hope Agent Wilde can show me that he is the best", Ramona said, clearly not liking Ryder yet it was equal because the other did not like her at all either.
"W-why would anyone try to touch him, Miss Ramona when he belongs to you?", Zachariah asked nervously, eyes moving around and Ramona smiled secretively.
"Oh, you'll see with your own eyes."

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