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"Lyric, Miss Ramona expects you downstairs in the living room", a maid informed the petit male laying on his bed, a book held in front of his face which was merely lowered by her words so his eyes could peak over the pages.
"Thank you for informing me, Angela", a melodic voice thanked the maid who bowed her head and quickly exited the room, knowing she was not allowed to look at Miss Ramona's doll even though she was curious to know how the owner of the melodic voice would look like.
Lyric Omorfiá was a known mystery inside the mansion, he was the eldest trophy in Ramona's collection and the most prized possession, her entire pride. She was possessive about him, not allowing anyone to see his face or get too close to him, it was even forbidden to freely talk to him or even touch him.
The last one who did, an unfortunate butler helping Lyric up after he fell, was never seen again but his screams have sounded through the whole mansion coming from the cellar. It was also whispered under the staff that Ramona would pick out one servant to punish after a certain amount of time has passed to remind the current staff of her orders.
Lyric sighed, dropping the book and laying it neatly onto his nightstand after closing it, knowing that he won't possibly be able to finish it when Ramona demanded his presence. It nowadays always involved him being forced to accompany her somewhere in the world to cast a spell. He once overheard Ramona calling him her anchor and he was not surprised.
After all, she has clearly showed her obsession for him.
Being an anchor was something Lyric has never fully understood as he wasn't keen to be educated by Ramona about magic yet he picked up a few explanations when he was made to silently sit by her side. An anchor was the most important thing to a witch or a wizard, channeling their magic after being bonded to the witch or wizard and holding their powers on earth so the magic wouldn't destroy them if the powers grew too big to handle.
Although Lyric didn't know of a second case like him, he was aware that almost every being handling magic would have an anchor, usually an inanimate object as it was easier to keep that around instead of a living being. But the anchor was also the thing the magic practice was most attached to so it was no surprise that Ramona chose Lyric since she very much was obsessed with him.
Lyric has once heard a servant calling it infatuation and he has always wished to ask about it but has always been too shy to do so. It wasn't like he could just approach the staff and have a conversation with them. He after all was not an official member of the house but more like a prisoner.
Walking down the stairs, Lyric noticed the staff members scrambling away from his sight and he released a sigh when he saw that, knowing they would avoid him until he was gone from their sight. He fastened his steps, wishing to get away from them as soon as possible and have whatever torture Ramona planned for him quickly over.
Her face immediately lit up when she saw him entering the room and a gesture told him to come close to her. "Lyric, my dear, come here", she said, gesturing to the free space next to her on the couch and Lyric did what she was asking for, sinking down onto the expensive fabric and being pulled against her.
Her hand lingered over his waist and Lyric looked away, pale hair falling into his eyes and over his shoulders. Ramona loved his long hair and didn't allow him to cut it. Lyric one time has been feeling rebellious and stole a knife from the kitchen to cut his hair down to chin length and Ramona has raged upon seeing that.
Lyric after that event left his hair alone after he was punished.
"What did you call me for, Miss Ramona?", Lyric asked timidly, anger raging in his chest because despite all the things she put him through, his will was still unbroken and he was still planning to free her grasp. The woman laughed fondly, caressing Lyric's cheek and the boy resisted the urge to either spit on her or turn his head away.
"I have accepted a new... job you could say and it requires all of my powers. It is very important that I perform good because it is for the government of the country we're staying in, my dear", Ramona explained. "Are we still in England?", Lyric asked, not knowing where they were, having lost every sense for time and place since he was not allowed outside and when he was, he could only see the garden and that was not giving any hint where in the world they were.
Ramona laughed again, her laughter sending shivers down his spine. "Yes, my doll, we're still in England but it's different now, the royal house does not have the same influence they had before. But don't worry your pretty head, you just have to come with me and look pretty by my side."
Of course, I'm not good for anything else anyways, Lyric thought bitterly, watching how the witch stood up, taking something out of the maid's hands who was standing closeby with bowed head. Lyric's eyes widened when she turned back around.
"N-no", he croaked out, an humiliated blush forming on his face when he saw the collar in Ramona's hand, knowing he was going to be leashed and collared like an animal and shown around like her pet. The male absolutely hated being treated like that and no matter his promise to behave until he could flee, he was not going to let her treat him this way!
Lyric jumped up from the couch, stumbling away while Ramona shot him a stern glance, eyes already flickering purple. "Lyric, don't make this difficult for the both of us, just move your pretty ass here and we can leave. I intend to be there on time", Ramona sternly said, of course not caring for his discomfort and rather for her good reputation.
"I don't want that thing near me! You promised when I behave you won't put this on me again!", Lyric screeched, moving backwards to put distance in between them when he watch her magical strings curl in the air. "Y-you promised! P-please, this is humiliating!", Lyric's voice cracked in the end because he knew he had no choice, no say in this.
It was killing him.
Ramona's eyes softened but then hardened when Lyric jumped away from her strings trying to grab him to pull him close to her. "Darling, I'm doing this to protect you, anyone could come and take you if I don't show that you're mine. So don't make this hard for both of us, come here and let me put this around your pretty neck", Ramona said but Lyric refused to obey.
"No! You don't care one bit for my wishes and you broke your promise, why would I obey you?!", Lyric hissed out, Ramona's eyes flaring up and the strings mercilessly reach out for Lyric, making him stumble when he got grabbed.
The strings wrapped around his middle, locking his arms in place so he couldn't push Ramona away who pulled him close so she could wrap the collar around his neck. Lyric was fighting against her but the strings only tightened, reminding him that he was helpless compared to her.
"Much better", the witch grinned after adjusting the collar around Lyric's neck who struggled inside her grip, the maid standing next to Ramona bowed her head because she felt pity for the small male. "You could've saved us a lot of time, doll, now we're gonna be late", Ramona said, not acknowledging Lyric's angry tears.
The male simply shot her a hateful glare.

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