Silver Blood

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Ashlyn, a beautiful Werewolf is forced to leave her pack, along with her brother, Beau. But, to their dismay, they're captured by the Blood Rose pack; who's Alpha is a ruthless killer. But what happens when that Alpha ends us being Ashlyn's mate? Will they be able to work out? Or will all the dark secrets that the Alpha has, keep them from ever falling in love? There is no doubt about it, Ashlyn is starting to fall for her sworn enemy! Will he end up breaking her heart with the evil secret he keeps? Or will that secret never unfold... and Ashlyn is forever kept in the dark?

Thriller / Romance
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I laid on a beach towel, letting my body get tan in the bright summer sun.

This is where I felt happiest; out in nature, all alone.
I was in a little beach cove only my brother and I knew about. Whenever I got tired of all the idiot Werewolves of the pack I came out here.
It was a really magical looking place. There was a little cave that connected to the bright blue ocean. To get here you had to climb a massive cliff type rock then jump into the water. I knew an exact spot that I could jump in and not get impaled by a rock. I learned that the hard way. Not even my Father, the Alpha of the Silver Moon pack, knew this magical place existed. I was glad of that. I would much rather just live alone instead of having to deal with annoying Werewolves and all their drama. I smiled at the thought of living alone, just my wolf and I. At the thought of this my wolf growled at me. She loved attention and was always begging me to open up more, and I always ignored her.
"You're so rude!" She argued. "All they want to do it help us!"
"Pipe down Alexa!" I barked.
She whimpered before disappearing. I sighed. I hated how different she was from me. She was my wolf! Shouldn't we be similar?! I guess that's not the case for Alexa and I. She got so annoying sometimes. She always argued with whatever I did. Especially if I was rude to our brother, Beau.
I sat up, my chocolate brown eyes shining in the sun. I looked at the ocean, then back to the cove. I stood up, leaving my towel in the sand.
"Swim, swim!" Alexa yelled.
I wanted to swim too so I allowed it. I quickly took off my black swimsuit and shifted into my wolf form. My bones cracked as Alexa emerged.
Alexa was a beautiful wolf. She was completely black except for a brown line that ran from her nose down to her tail.
Alexa took off, happy to be out. She ran up a little sand hill and dove into the freezing cold water. She tensed as the water hit her fur, darkening it. She swam back to the surface, spitting out salt water. Her tongue hung lazily out of her mouth as she swam circles. The water was completely clear... so Alexa could see the tropical fish swimming under her.
Without warning Alexa suddenly dove. She swam deeper and deeper before her teeth sunk into something, no doubt a fish. She held it firm in-between her teeth as she resurfaced. She took a much needed breath before swimming to the shore.
She crawled onto the sand, dampening it. She growled at the flopping fish before biting it hard. It went limp in her mouth.
She dropped it quickly and whimpered, as if she didn't mean to kill it. I laughed, she wasn't the brightest. She nuzzled it with her nose and whimpered again as the fish didn't move. I wanted to shift back... but figured she needed to enjoy eating it first.
Her green eyes stared at it with curiosity at why it had stopped moving. Alexa finally gave up and dug in. Her paws became red and purple as they got soaked with blood. I personally didn't like the taste of fish, but my wolf did.
She had just started to chew on the bones when I tried to shift. At first she wouldn't allow it, but after a few failed attempts on my end she let me shift. My bones cracked as I came back.
I stood up straight and popped my back, relief washed over me. Once I was completely stretched out I walked down the beach, looking for my swimsuit. My towel lay there... but not my clothes. I looked around, a little alarmed.
Where is my swimsuit?!
I looked around nervously. I was naked! I had to find my swimsuit before going back to the pack house! But where was it?! I noticed that my towel was a little wet from the waves hitting it. What if my swimsuit got swept away?!
~Sis?~ My brothers voice rang out through the mind-link.
~Yes, Beau?~ I said slowly.
~Looking for something?~
My face became red from anger.
~BEAU! I hate you!~ I growled.
Suddenly my swimsuit was thrown to me from behind a boulder. I caught it before it could hit the sand. "You're horrible." I growled as I quickly changed. Once I was done I said, "You can come out now."
He laughed and came out from behind the boulder, smiling a killer smile. His curly blonde hair blew in the salty wind.
"I hate you so much." I muttered as I picked up my towel and wrapped it around my mid-section.
"The feeling is mutual." He teased while laughing.
I growled but couldn't hold back a small giggle.
Beau and I are complete opposites. He is twenty three while I am nineteen. He does not seem like the type to be the future Alpha, I think. But of course I don't tell him that. Beau is kind and compassionate. He is very sweet and obeys ALL the rules.
Unlike me.
He has dirty blonde curly hair and sky blue eyes. He has perfect abs and does not mind showing them off... I actually think he enjoys it. He sadly hasn't found his mate yet, but never stops searching. He is somewhat protective of me, and I hate it! I don't need protecting from anyone. I can take care of myself.
He is 6'3" while I am 5'6". I am very small for a Werewolf, but I don't care. It allows me to move around quickly and hide easily. I am somewhat rebellious sometimes... all the time. Pack members say I am very pretty. I have dark brown, wavy, medium length hair. Pack members say I have a perfectly thin body figure and that I should be a model. But I don't want to; I don't like showing off my body. I am a warrior, not a model. I have a small, pointed nose and deep brown eyes. My skin is a delightful caramel tan color. I am very strong and fast on my feet, or paws. I don't really want a mate, unlike my brother. But I know that day is coming... no matter what. I don't see how someone could ever love me. I am not a very open Werewolf and trust hardly anyone. I find it better that way, its hard to get your heart broken when you barely know anyone.
"Let's swim!" Beau proposed.
"I just got out." I whined.
"Your wolf was swimming, not you." He did have a point. "Now c'mon!"
He ran up the little sand hill and jumped in, making a big splash. He came up, smiling. He shook his head to get the hair out of his face... making him look like a dog. I rolled my eyes but gave in anyway. I stripped the towel off as I ran up the hill and dove in, quickly hitting the sandy bottom.
I opened my eyes to be faced with a sea snake. I let out a muffled scream before pushing off the bottom and resurfacing. I took a much needed breath before putting a hand to my heart. I looked at Beau, he was obviously trying to hold back his laughter. I splashed him with water.
"Oh c'mon!" I rolled my eyes.
My eyes suddenly glossed over... someone was mind-linking me.
~Kids?~ Our Father's voice rang out.
~Yes?~ Beau and I said in unison.
~Come to the Pack house, now.~
His voice was strained and nervous... something he never was. As our eyes cleared Beau and I exchanged worried glances. I swallowed.
Beau was the first to break the silence, "Let's go."
I nodded as I started to walk out of the freezing water. I started to climb up the rope ladder, completely forgetting about my towel. I climbed the long ladder with ease, barely even breaking a sweat.
I pulled myself up to the top and planted my bare feet firmly into the massive cliff side. I watched Beau climb up it behind me. He was breathing hard, but I knew that it wasn't from the climb, it was his nerves.
I was nervous too. What could our Father want with us? And why did he seem so strained? Beau stood beside me and we peered over the edge, looking for any sign of life. A squirrel scurried up a tree but luckily that was the only animal within sight of seeing us.
I started down the rope ladder that led to our freedom. I took a deep breath as my feet hit the soft sand on the other side of the cliff.
Once Beau landed beside me I tapped a specific "rock" that camouflage the rope ladder into the cliff side, a contraption Beau had made. He was always the smart one out of us two. As soon as the ladder was completely hidden I took off at a sprint, heading for the pack house. Even though Beau and I hadn't shifted, we were both very fast. Beau was going just a tad faster then me, seeing as he had shoes on. I had left my flip flops in the cove... but as my foot hit a root I regretted it.
I was just starting to get winded as we reached the pack house.
At the sight of it my blood ran cold.
At least a hundred guards surrounded the cabin like structure, all protecting my Father and Mother.
We made our way through them until we came to out Father. Relief washed over his face upon seeing us.
"Kids," He mumbled.
Beau and I slowly walked up to him. He looked at me, then to Beau, then back to me.
"Go. They are coming." He said quietly.
"Who's they?" Beau asked slowly.
Rogues?! Why would our Father, the Alpha, be scared of rogues?!
He continued, "They're not normal rogues. They're blood thirsty, ravenous creatures."
"We can stop them though!" I protested. "We're a massive pack, why should we be scared of rogues?"
My Father growled and I was taken aback for a second.
"You've never seen anything like this. Now go, before they come."
I stood my ground. I had no intention of leaving. That wasn't who I am.
"I bet the Blood Rose pack is behind this." I spat.
We hated the Blood Rose pack. Their Alpha was a ruthless killer and I, we, hated him. He had the strongest pack of anyone though. Our pack, the Silver Moon pack, was the second strongest. My Father, Alpha Ryder, was the one that killed the previous Alpha of the Blood Rose pack. Ryder had learned that the Alpha was planning an attack on his pack, so he just killed him, and his whole family, he thought. Somehow the Alpha's son had escaped... and was now even more ruthless and blood thirsty then his Father had been.
"I don't know. Just go." My Father ordered again.
Suddenly our Mother, Grace, rushed up.
"The pups are safe." She said breathlessly.
Our Father put a callused hand on either of our shoulders. He looked at us, what did I see in his eyes? Regret?
"They're getting closer." One of the guards reported.
Our Father squeezed our shoulders rather tightly.
"Go." He said in his Alpha tone.
I could hear my wolf whimper.
"That's an Alpha order... go... now."
"NO!" Beau and I yelled in unison, but I could already feel Alexa start to shift.
Our Father released us before backing away.
"I love you both." He said quietly.
I felt all the color drain from my face as Alexa started to shift. I looked at Beau, his eyes were already changing color as his wolf took over. I knew Alexa had to follow out an Alpha's orders... and I hated it. My swimsuit tore to pieces as I completely shifted. Alexa turned on her heels and ran after Bruno, Beau's wolf. I tried to fight her, tell her that we had to stay, but she wouldn't listen. The sun started to set as we ran towards the border.
"ALEXA! WE HAVE TO STAY!" I screamed at her.
But she ignored me and just continued to run. We got closer and closer to the border when I suddenly became aware of the footsteps behind us. Alexa chanced a look behind her to see what it was... a massive rogue barreled towards us. I pushed Alexa faster as the rogue nipped at her tail. Extreme pain flowed through my body as the rogue bit Alexa's tail, yanking her to the ground. She whimpered loudly as the rogue pulled us under him. Alexa fought but the rogue was just too strong. The rogue snarled as Alexa closed her eyes, plunging me into darkness.
I knew what was going to happen... and I had no power over it.
I felt the intense pain of the rogue biting down on Alexa's neck. Her body tensed before falling limp. She struggled for air but it was no use.
We were going to die.
I was going to die! Everything started to fade out as the rogue bit harder. Alexa squinted her eyes and the last thing I saw was Bruno fighting another rogue... then everything went black.

~°~Hello! This is my first book to publish on Inkitt and I hope u like it! 😁 I hope it wasn't too many words. 😬 Anyway thank u for reading! I will be uploading chapter two on Saturday. Bye for now.✌~°~
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