Trapped in the Darkness

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« It wasn’t me, it’s not my fault » We all heard the speech. Nevertheless it’s a far cry from the truth. To be in possession of such knowledge you will have to analyse everything as much as possible. Focus on what you really think and don’t get consumed by lies because they will surround you, and you will become lost. Once immersed in the lie, you will not be able to escape from it. You see, you have to distinguish between simple white lies, and lies.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It happened this day. Everyone could experience once in life the feeling of fear. This sensation which makes your body shivering. Your heart starts to beat faster and faster and breathing is getting harder.

Even though people react differently to fear, Chris overreacted. Usually, he is a calm and peaceful man. Nevertheless, this time, he felt something awful. It was similar to the feeling of loosing someone. He was on holidays with his girlfriend, Pandora. He was lying on the beach, when he saw her asking for help while she was trying to get her head out of the water. He knew Pandora wasn’t an excellent swimmer so she could drown easily and quickly. Chris stood up and started to run towards her. The lifeguard stopped him and ordened to stay on the beach because it was too dangerous. Chris told himself that it was his fault, he shouldn’t have let her alone in the sea. Two of the five lifeguard dove in the sea to rescue Pandora. Chris became extremely nervous and started to call his girlfriend. The two lifeguards took Pandora and swam with her towards the beach. Suddenly, Pandora felt something putting pressure on her legs. It was painful and it became stronger so she was direclty suck up into the sea. The lifeguard came back on the beach without Pandora. Chris shouted powerfully, he cried ardently while everyone was watching him. He felt someone touching his body so he opened his eyes and saw Pandora. “Honey, what happened? I woke you up because you were shouting and I was afraid the neighbour would be angry.”

Chris started to realise that he had a nightmare. He was covered in sweat, still shivering.

Chris related the story to his girlfriend and she had a good laugh. “Too much drama Chris, I know you are so rude and don’t care about our children and I. I will never forget what you said when Ely was born.” said Pandora.

“What do you mean?” Chris replied.

“When I was carrying Ely you said: ‘oh I think babies are like pancakes, the first one is never successful.’ How dare you say that… For the second, Freddy, you said ‘I was sure we could have done better! This second baby is a proof!’. You don’t deserve them… However, you deserved this nightmare!” Pandora answered

“Ahaha come on Pandora, it was a joke. Even if a boy is more deft, you can’t even swim correctly and make me scared… If Freddy was your age, I’m sure he would swim correctly, which will not be the case of Ely, for sure…” Chis stated.

Pandora rolled her eyes, and started to find an activity for the day.

She searched on the internet but nothing drew her attention, then she read a couple of advertisings which were in the mail box. She found some interesting things to do with her friends and boyfriends! Chris agreed so they organised the event with some friends. Those who were available agreed to go to… the treetop adventure course. They were excited because Chris and Pandora are very athletic (even if Chris would say the contrary, but he always criticizes). So that they enjoy this kind of sporty activity.

Chris and Pandora made a list, Chris chose Dave and Louis wheareas Pandora chose Sumayra, Jennifer and Celeste. So they will be 7 for the activity.

To go to this physical activity there were no means of transport, but hopefully Pandora knew someone who could rent 7 seats cars. His name is Alita. Pandora called him and booked a car. He was glad to hear that Pandora followed his recommendation because he already talked about this activity and told her it was a great experience. Actually it was because of the advertising but she was also influenced by what Alita related to her.

She booked an Audi Q7, so Louis, who is stingy will be stunned because it’s an expensive car which consumes a lot.

They booked the car for the following day in the evening because it’s a night activity. They will have time to decide for the appointment and find the babysitter for the children.

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