Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 10

Two days after the accident. They went back to the police station as Dave had ordered. Everyone was there. Valentina the supervisor, Tyler, Alita and the group of friends. They were waiting in the hall and saw the news on TV. The accident was spread all around Canada in the news.

« Two people have died in a treetop adventure course by night. The postmortem revelated that they didn’t have any mark on their body. Nevertheless, the police had discovered some clues which let them think that it’s a murder. Everything was planned. The police found out that their harness were modified. Justice is needed. The group of friends will have to give further explanation to the police. »

They knew it began to be serious. They were all worried by the situation. It was a mix of sadness and fear. When two police officers/agents came, the stress level was increasing more or less for many of them.

One of the two police officers spoke. He told them they found out the harness had been modified, the karabiner wasn’t well fixed. That was why Pandora and Chris didn’t have any security in case they fell down. They wanted Valentina to explain how it was possible to have this kind of problem.

« To begin with, I don’t know those people. I don’t think they ever came to my place. Everytime someone put the material, I check if everything is okay. Pandora called me to book for 7 people so I prepared their harness, checked if everything was alright and put it under their name so the size was right for each of them. I’m reputed for high security, and people are always glad to come here. Moreover, there is an agency that checks every 2 months that I respect the rules. I have never had problems. I’m sorry for what happened, I feel bad for them but It’s not my fault at all. I’m convinced there were no problems. » said Valentina.

The police made some researches on the internet and nobody said something wrong about her activity. They will investigate if she really doesn’t know them because she could be lying.

Dave took out some pictures from his pocket and showed it to the police officer. He told them it was in Alita’s house.

Alita took his courage in both hands and said « Is it forbidden to keep pictures of my friend ? I don’t think so… I tore some of them because I was sad, it’s life, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like her. I would have thrown it if it was the case… ».

What a complicated story to investigate… If we believe everyone, Valentina didn’t modify the harness, Alita doesn’t hate Pandora, Tyler helped the sisters to be nice, Celeste indicated to Tyler and Louis something wrong was going on without knowing it, Louis appeared right on time when the accident just happened but didn’t see how it could be possible, Dave couldn’t see them when the accident ocurred and the two sisters have nothing to do with the accident and didn’t see it coming.

Who lied ? It was a miscellaneous news item that everyone was talking about in Canada. Actually, it could be an accident. It was also possible that the harness was defective.

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