Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 11

One year later, the policemen gathered all the proofs they had. It was the end of the mystery. All people were shocked. The person concerned lied during a long period of time. One year of lies, nobody could think the accident was related to this person. Until the police found out with fingers and foodprints. You can’t deny facts with such accurate proofs. It took a lot of time because it wasn’t easy to be sure the person planned the murder. It could be a simple accident, as most people thought. Nevertheless it wasn’t.

After having delivered many speeches, sometimes different, Alita expressed himself for the last time during a trial.

« I know I had been lying but I couldn’t say the truth. It happened so fast I was thoughtless. I was suffering for so many years, I had to do something to cure myself. Pandora was nice, she was my best friend but I didn’t have the same feeling that she had. I fell in love with her but when I wanted to tell her she already had her boyfiend, Chris. It was painful to see her with him and be considerated as a friend. So I didn’t like him for that. I became more and more jealous and it was not a life ! So I recommended her the treetop adventure course once and she thought it was a great idea… I related her my experience and I told her it was important to book before arriving so she said one day she would go there. She always did what she said. I knew the activity was far away from her home and means of transport weren’t working to go there. I rented cars so she would obviously call me in case she wanted to go there. It was what happened. I had been to the treetop adventure once so I already knew how Valentina was organised. She put the harness according to people’s names. It was time saving for her. So once she prepared all the material I only had to modify the one for Pandora and Chris. It was easy for me. I didn’t think about the consequences… I was so upset I couldn’t live with this pain so I wanted them dead. I had prepared those labels in which she wrote names but I spread it on the parking lot beause I remembered she would do it. It was stupid, it was one of my mistakes that allowed you to find me. I didn’t wear gloves so for the labels I spread, it was easy to found out that someone else came. And I kept the shoes I used when I came to modify the harness. So footprints weren’t a secret once the police came in my house and analysed my shoes. I could say my first mistake was keeping those pictures Dave robbed in my house because some people had doubts. I was a friend so it was quite strange to get pictures of her and tear some of them. I could lie because Dave was the perfect target, most of people thought it was the murderer. So it was my excuse. I supposed Chris and Pandora lost equilibrium when Dave moved the net. Thus they coudn’t reach it and didn’t have enough strength to hold the knotted tarzan swing. Hence they had only the security to maintain their body but as I changed the karabiner, they fell down. With the heights they couldn’t survive. I called the ambulance in anonymous number and informed them that I was worried about them and that something happened. I could guess it because Valentina let the access to everyone who already used the app. So if I had been to the treetop adventure course once, I could acess to the geolocation of each person in the activity. It works only in the parc, when people went outside, the position isn’t available anymore. I could see that Pandora and Chris’s location were the same during a very long time while the others were moving. It was obvious they were trapped in my plan. Moreover, I could see that Dave finished the circuit quickly to help them and saw what was going on. It was impossible for him to get out of the circuit, he had to finish it. I knew something happened. That was why I called 911. I finally admitted it because I did something wrong to them but I prefer spending the rest of my life in jail than seeing her enjoyng her life with him. »

It was his last words before going to the jail, the group of people watched him with aversion. Eventhough he confessed him, he still agreed his plan was a great idea and didn’t seem to regret. People in Canada injured him, even though they didn’t know Chris and Pandora. Some of them manifested to claim justice. 1 minute of silence was made to honor them, and kept in mind this tragedy. This story showed how people can change when they are in love. They can do everything for someone but feelings change when they aren’t reciprocal. It completely indoctrinated Alita’s thoughts and lead him to make up a gruesome plan.

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