Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 2

Pandora was looking for a babysitter while Chris was dealing with the activity. Pandora finally opted for Alita’s sister, she had already taken care of Ely and Freddy so it was reassuring for the couple. Chris called the supervisor of the parc, Valentina, so that she could reserve the material for each person. She is a very organised person so when people reserved she ask the size and the weight and then she hang the material according to the name of the person written on a label. It allows her to control the rush hour. The activity is set up at 11p.m. at the openning hour.

The group of friends decided to meet at 10 p.m. to have time to go to the activity and get themselves ready with the material. Actually, they will have roughly 1 hour 30 drive but with the car they own it would be 1 hour. From Toronto, where they all live, to Ganaraska Hiking Trail in Canada. The activity was located in the beautiful Ganaraska Forest, between Port Hope and Peterboroug.

Pandora and Chris were so exciting to meet their friends ! It had been a long time since they last saw them ! The high ropes course recently openned due to the coronavirus epidemic, it was brand new, and it’s was good way to get back to friends.

At the hour of the appointment, 10 p.m, everyone was right on time ! Dave and Louis seemed glad to see their friend Chris even if Louis wasn’t very enthusiastic to go there. Actually, Louis couldn’t enjoy something without thinking about the cost. Dave is an elite athlete and is accustomed to treetop so the activity is a piece of cake for him.

The three girls were more motivated, the sisters Sumayra and Jennifer feared the heights but that was not something that would stop them to enjoy the activity ! They are always motivated to go out and do some activities even though, it could be quite crazy to accept the invitation with this fear.

Celeste was so exciting to discover the activity, she had never tried it before but she was sporty and the heights didn’t frighten her. She had never been this happy…

Alita arrived with the car, to give the rental contract. He knew the circuits well but he didn’t have much time so he couldn’t tell which circuit would be the most interesting for each of them. The activity was very popular in Toronto, people usually enjoy to fight their fear, even if we don’t know how people can react when there are exposed to heights. It’s the imagination which takes control, at night it’s complicated to see, we only know how many meters we are from the ground. Who can resist walking on unstable platform surrounded by the darkness ?

After checking conditions, Louis said « oh alright, if we crash the car we have to pay 50% of the car, fees aren’t limited » Pandora signed the contract and looked at Louis with sharp-eyes.

They all came inside the car, Celeste was the driver because she wanted to arrive safely and quickly, she knew she was the only one to be skilled for it. Louis started to say « what a beautiful car, I guess the price was also beautiful… I hope the activity will be interesting so that I can enjoy it. For the moment I’m not convinced but maybe the challenge is worth it. Celeste, be careful with the car, at least if you crash it, try not to crash it with another car, or we will pay for the rest of our life » Louis was the last one to sit in the car, at the back so that everyone could see him. They all turned their face and watched him with tension. Chris was so angry about him, he gathered his eyebrow, pinched his lips and shouted « Enough Louis ! You will not ruin the travel by saying stupid things, we have already paid, what’s wrong with you ? How dare you say that after all the organisation that this event required. Respect us, please ! ».

Louis remained quite after this quarrel.

Celeste turned the music on so everyone could relax. She put the song entitled « friendship » so she was sure nobody could sing because there were no lyrics.

After a while, she suddenly stopped the music and watched anxiously her friends in the rear-view mirror and said « I am afraid something wrong is going on around here ».

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