Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 3

She parked the car in a gloomy area, everyone got off the car and walked towards the entrance of the treetop adventure course. While they were walking, they could see some paper on the ground in which the name of each person of the group was written. They were scattered on the way to the entrance. Moreover they could hear some noises from the depth of the forest. Two people were already there, Tyler, someone who didn’t book and Valentina the owner. She gave the material to the group of friends firstly because it was already prepared and then tried different harness for Tyler because he didn’t know his size. Tyler is a very talkative person so when he practices sport he is easily short in breath because of talking too much. Hence, it wasn’t complicated for him to get on with them.

The group of friends and Tyler will be divided on different circuits according to their level.

There are 3 circuits from the lowest to the highest level. The two sisters Sumayra and Jennifer will do the easiest circuit (called green circuit) because of their fear of heights. Celeste, Louis and Tyler the medium (orange circuit) and Chris, Pandora and Dave the hardest (red circuit). Each circuit includes 8 platforms. Between those platforms there is an exercise which is more or less difficult according to the level. No more than 3 people on a platform and no more than 2 people on an exercise. It was the rules, and they must be respected.

Dave was the only one who wasn’t worried. Actually everyone showed an anxious face. There was no one who could take care of people if there was a problem. Thus, Valentina gave them some trackers in case someone needed help so that it would be easy to find the person with the geolocation. Each person was represented with a red point, with her name. It was useful because they could see if they will arrive at the same time. It was to increase the competition. It’s also how to increase the profitability so everyone would go faster and more people would be able to try the circuit.

Actually, no matter if the circuit is more or less hight and difficult. It’s embarassing to be hang on a cable and trust the security. However, Dave was confident !

He was the first to start, then, Pandora and Chris followed him.

Louis told himself that he didn’t pay for nothing so he had to show by example and start first, followed by Celeste and Tyler.

The sisters were courageous, Jennifer went first. When she was on the first platform she refused to see what was under her feet. The heights, her fear. However, it’s important to see the obstacles so she had to lower her eyes.

She was brave so she passed the first five platforms and then freaked. She couldn’t move anymore. She was wide-eyed and had her eyes glued to something. Sumayra approached her slowly, the tension was rising, she could feel her body shivering. She suddendly took her hand and then grab her by the scruff of the neck. Jennifer was outraged and struggled in silence. Her mouth opened, she couldn’t make any sound. She could feel her body hurting the platform and her eyes rolled back in her head before seeing her arm dangling in space, out of the platform.

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