Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 4

The orange circuit was a little bit different. Actually, not only did they need to be resistant but they also had to have strong arms. Some exercises required to be suspended by hands. When Louis arrived on the seventh platform he could see Celeste and Tyler on the fourth. They were chatting and Louis got angry. Time is money, Louis knew he had spent money for the activity and didn’t want to waist time. He called them « Tyler ! Celeste ! Hurry up ! Please, I want to finish the circuit ». Tyler immediately take down his carabiner and grip the tree, which supported their platform, to go down and reach the ground.

Celeste was watching Louis, quite lost. Celeste is beautiful but she lost its lustre after chatting with Tyler. While she was looking at Louis, she did the exercise to catch up with him. She gazed at him, she looked vacant. Louis didn’t know whether he should wait her or finish the circuit because he didn’t want to pour the money down the drain. Once she was on the same platform with Louis she explained something to him. He wasn’t as agile as Tyler to grip a tree so he left the platform after hearing Celeste and tried to finish the circuit as soon as possible.

Celeste hesitated between following him or staying calm in the platform. She was worried because it was late at night. She was in the dark and she could hardly see the shape. She felt something that was barely skimming her leg. She promptly get off her phone from her pocket to turn on the flash and see it. She became agitated and moved her legs but it was worst. Something itched her more and more. At the beginning it was pleasant but it quickly became painful when she was moving. So she bounced while she was searching the torch on her phone. Nevertheless, the platform couldn’t support the shock. It was made of wood and when it was night the humidity weaken the platform. Her leg passed through the wood, because one of the plank succumbed. Her phone fell down without the flash on. She couldn’t see anything and she was hanging from her harness. It was the only thing that could hold her. She touched her leg and could feel blood. She was scared to go back to the platform because she didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t comfortable to be suspended by the harness, she didn’t have other options to go back to the platfom. She struggled to put her body on the platform and she touched the platform to know how she had been hurt. She walked around the platform because they were all made around a tree. When she suddendly touch something thorny. She took a deep breath and caught this thing that she couldn’t see with her right hand. She screamed and had tears in her eyes. She understood that it was bramble. She thought someone wanted to hurt her. It really was painful, she almost cried. Once she became calm, she heard someone crying out in despair. It was Louis.

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