Trapped in the Darkness

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Chapter 5

Night was falling, the game became more and more mysterious. The red circuit had a suitable name. Most of people were terrified of doing this circuit. Each platform was more separated with longer and harder exercises. It was higher and it wasn’t possible to escape. Impossible to skip platforms. What a curious fact to see Dave so happy to do that, without being fearful… He supported Pandora and Chris by saying « Well done ! Welcome to the third platform ! I knew it would be easy for you ! » Even if it wasn’t that easy. Dave is always positive, sometime his humor turns nasty.

Dave saw the next exercise called « large tarzan swing ». The purpose of the activity was to grab the knotted tarzan swing (maximum two people), and swing from the platform to the net.

Dave was the first one so he grabbed the knotted tazan swing and said « see you later, alligator ».

When he swang, he barely touched the net but couldn’t grab it. So he rocked and move his body to enlarge the movement so that he could reach the net. One of his fingers touched the net so all his body was held by this finger. It was unpleasant and painful but he didn’t want to show his pain so he didn’t say anything. He wanted to set the example. Nevetherless, he could hear Pandora and Chris laughing because they saw him struggling.

It was Pandora and Chris’ turn, they both grabbed the knotted tarzan swing to rush foward together. When they wanted to reach the net, Dave moved it so they couldn’t grab it. He laughed and then went on the fourth platform. While he was climbing the net, he heard a noise, something had splitted. When he turned around he couldn’t see Pandora and Chris anymore. He wasn’t sure because it was the darkness. However, he felt something hurting his body so he grabbed it. By touching, he understood that he had the knotted tazan swing in his hand… He opened his mouth and stared wide-eyes. He knew something grave was coming. He was freacked and something terrorized him even more. Actually, they stayed on the same activity for a long time. Dave didn’t know what to do, he waited hopeless. He finally heard a voice, someone screaming. Exactly the same voice, at the same time and the same shout as Celeste heard. It was Louis. Dave quickly kept doing the rest of the exercices to finish the circuit and meet Louis. He used his phone to track him.

Back to the green circuit, where Jennifer was lying on the platform, Sumayra was next to her. She was speaking to her in a low voice. She could hear someone climbing the tree to reach their platform. She gazed at Jennifer and gave her hand. Actually, Celeste showed to Tyler and Louis that something was weird. She said that it has been too much time that both groups on the green and red circuit weren’t moving anymore. That was why Tyler and Louis ran to help them. Tyler went to the green circuit and climbed the tree. He was using his phone’s torch to see what was going on. When he was on the platform he could see on Jennifer’s neck some bruisings made by fingers. Sumayra couldn’t stop looking at Tyler, she didn’t know what he would say. Tyler stuttered « Huh… She is breathing but … I mean what are those marks on her neck ? It seems to be … » Sumayra took his hair, approached his face, straight in the eye and replied « That’s not what you think ! I wanted to save her that’s all. She had been shocked when she saw the zip line. She couldn’t breath so I was stressed I grabbed her neck. I know I shoudn’t have done that. I stretched out her body on the platform to release her breath. I was overcame by panic and I’m happy you’re there to help me because she is still breathing but doesn’t answer me. » Tyler believed her because when he arrived, Sumayra was next to Jennifer, looking at her and holding her hand. She didn’t want to hurt her and after all, it’s her sister… « Alright, don’t worry, I thought it was someone else, we never know in the dark, everything can happen. » said Tyler.

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